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Blacksmithing for Beginners

Blacksmithing for Beginners


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Blacksmithing for Beginners


Learn the basics of blacksmithing in the historic Gasworks Museum forge. Choose one of two possible projects (decorative hook or fire poker) and take home a finished item which you have forged yourself.

What experience is needed

No previous experience is necessary.

What to expect

Under guidance of the tutor, you'll learn the basics of blacksmithing tools and forge fire management, along with a range of decorative techniques such as squaring, tapering, twisting, and scrolling. This is a one-day course.

STREAM 1: BLACKSMITHING FOR BEGINNERS Sunday 10:30am-3.30pm 1 session starting 7th May 2023
Ending 7th May 2023
Fee: $172.00 Bring please wear long sleeves, long pants and closed toed shoes, avoid synthetics and nylons as these will melt if they get hot, stick to natural fibers such as cotton/wool. If you have your own bring leather gloves, aprons, eye protection, ear plugs otherwise some can be provided. Bring your lunch and a water bottle.
Dunedin Gasworks Museum, 20 Braemar Street, South Dunedin