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Car Maintenance- Girls Only

Car Maintenance- Girls Only


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         Activity runs from 9th January 2023, and will be loaded in December 2022. Stay tuned!  




Car Maintenance- Girls Only

Ever wanted to know a bit more about that car of yours? This course is taught by mechanic Dave Atkins from DNA Auto Services. The cost of this course will also be discounted from your first job booked with Dave. This is taught in an all-female environment (except for Dave). The one day course is also available in a male/female environment, plus a 3-week course if you are interested in learning more (see links below). 


None! Just enthusiasm to learn a bit more about your care. 


After this course you will understand basic maintenance of your own car. Changing the wheel, Checking fluid levels, plus loads of really useful tips of the trade.


DNA Auto Services Location

Car Maintenance- 3 week course