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Embroidery For Beginner

We are finalising our level 2 protocols and aim to re-open Friday September 10th. To find out what we'll look like head to https://www.ousa.org.nz/clubsandsocs/covid

Embroidery For Beginner

OVERVIEW: Bring your old tired clothes and learn some embroidery techniques to give them a new life! (still, non-elasticated fabrics such as denim or canvas are best!

OUTCOME: The skills in different stitches, a design on your old jacket or jeans or what ever item you are giving a new life to! You will also get to keep the embroidery hoop, threads, needle!

EXPERIENCE: No experience required! 

STREAM 1: EMBROIDERY FOR BEGINNERS Wednesday 5:45-8:30pm 1 session starting 15th September 2021
Ending 15th September 2021
Fee: $25.00 Bring An item of clothing which is non-elasticated fabrics such as denim or canvas are best
OUSA Evison Lounge
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