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The ORFU Touch Judge Course

The ORFU Touch Judge Course

Looking to try something new? Maybe get fit, or get creative? Whatever it is, we got you!


The ORFU Touch Judge Course


This course is new to rugby in Otago and aims to provide the necessary tools to become a more confident and competent Touch judge for grades up to below Premier Men’s rugby.

Every game of rugby is required to have two touch judges (one from each team playing).

The course will include, technical laws that are relevant to the role of a touch judge and responsibilities. It’s a great springboard into on-field refereeing too.

We also recommend taking The NZ Rugby Associate Referee course which is directly before this workshop.



None! We do reccomend coming along to both courses if possible.



The ORRA (Otago Rugby Referees Association) provides training and development for those wanting to become referees. They encourage anyone who is interested to come along to the training and info sessions, as we rely on people like you becoming referees so that the sport can carry on at all levels. 


ORRA Website

STREAM 1: THE ORFU TOUCH JUDGE COURSE Tuesday 3:30pm - 4:30pm 1 session starting 16th April 2024
Ending 16th April 2024
Fee: $0.00
Clubs and Socs Building - 84 Albany Street - Otago Room