Clubs and Societies



Clubs and Societies Centre Level 2 Protocols

OUSA continues to follow the advice provided by the NZ Ministry of Health (MOH). Our priority is to ensure that students, staff and contractors are safe within our facility.


Entry into the Clubs and Societies Centre is conditional on:

  1. Scanning in with the NZ COVID Tracer App (or using our manual system). We’ll have guards on the door to oversee this.
  2. Wearing a facemask
  3. Sanitising on entry (and exit)
  4. Void of any cold, flu or COVID symptoms

Please prepare for possible queuing and delays.


Golden Rule:

  • Please observe 2 metre distancing. We have strict occupation caps on our rooms to support this, see below. Note, while we have lots of rooms we have a singular entry point, a shared staircase, shared pathways and amenities. Our goal is to avoid both congestion in individual rooms but also shared spaces (where distancing could be compromised).

Room Caps

Services and amenities

  • Unfortunately, free breakfast is suspended so that we can redirect resources to higher priority area’s
  • The sauna is also closed as distancing can’t be maintained, there is poor ventilation, financial constraints and additional cleaning demands.
  • The floor 2 bathrooms will be closed. This allows our contract cleaners to give other areas of the facility greater attention.
  • Our water fountains will be isolated and closed off
  • Our recreation programme has been largely disrupted; however, we will have a small collection of onsite activities onsite and continue to share content on our social channels.
  • $4 lunch will continue to run (starting September 13th), though seating capacity will be reduced. We can accommodate 12 people in the Evison and 6 in room 2. However, we can do takeaways. Bring a clean container for contactless service or use one of ours onsite. No cash will be accepted upstairs. Please pay via EFTPOS at reception.
  • Our kitchen is not accessible during level 2
  • For room hire you are still required to check in at reception, though we will not give you a key. The doors will be propped open with a doorstop to limit high touch contact. In the event of an evacuation please knock these away to close the door.
  • Changes to our lost property services may see wait times for processing and collection
  • Gear hire is dependent on DIY disinfecting before and after use
  • If you require staff support, please email in advance. This will allow us to set up a meeting remotely or book out a room. We are trying to limit guests in our office spaces.



  • Cleaning will be more comprehensive and of higher frequency at points of high contact
  • Personal hygiene heavily influences the cleanliness of our facility. Please keep this at the forefront of what you do.
  • Disinfectant spray and hand towels are in each room. Please wipe down surfaces before use and do not remove products.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers (and handwashing facilities) are located throughout the facility



  • Regular club bookings will be honoured; however, the occupation caps must be adhered to. If you know longer want your booking, let us know so we can open it up for someone else.
  • Collection and return of club locker keys to accompany hand sanitisation
  • We expect clubs to oversee their own COVID19 protocols (as directed by the MOH) as it applies to their specific operations. Make use of resources such as Sport NZ https://sportnz.org.nz/covid19-response/overview/ or Recreation Aotearoa https://www.nzrecreation.org.nz/Site/conference/covid19/Latest-News/ and or sing out to our Clubs Development Officer cdo@ousa.org.nz
  • Note, when onsite clubs must comply with centre protocols and follow all reasonable instructions given by staff
  • If there’s genuine concern about how a club is operating, OUSA will follow up as per our affiliation policy


We’ve worked hard to develop the controls above. They are designed to keep you and us safe and ultimately the centre open.  Queries about our controls can be directed to the Clubs and Societies Centre Manager, Michaela Tangimetua michaela@ousa.org.nz