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COVID and Construction Info

COVID and Construction Info

NZ COVID-19 Protection Framework

The OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre continues to follow government guidelines under the COVID Protection Framework. Compliance and the well-being of our staff and patrons remain our priorities. 

Entry into our centre will be conditional on wearing a mask at all times, except when exercising and eating/drinking. With the latter, you'll need to remain seated while doing so. We also ask that you do not enter when unwell, maintain good hygiene and where possible watch your spacing.


Specifics at Orange

For the most part, Orange sees us back to normal. We no longer have COVID specific occupation caps on either the building as whole or individual spaces. This means rooms and amenities have re-opened that had been closed off and we can now accommodate commercial bookings (availability permitting).

HOWEVER, we still have legal requirements under the Building Act and our Fire Evacuation Scheme which see caps employed for each room to mitigate congestion. These caps allow people to safely enter and exit in the event of an emergency including an evacuation. Those caps are displayed on the entry door and highlighted when you place a booking online. Exceeding these caps may result in patrons being asked to leave. That's a bummer for us and you so we are hopeful you can meet these requirements

  • Keep it clean and use common sense. Hygiene is a powerful tool and so is your noggin. Using both will limit the exposure you and our staff have. Remember, we need enough staff to keep our doors open!
  • Please don't congregate in common areas e.g. entrance and exit ways, the foyer and hallways
  • We have ample washing facilities and sanitiser units onsite. If you need additional cleaning supplies inquire at reception.
  • Abuse of staff will not be tolerated


Construction Information

We are upgrading, please bear with us!

The OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre has forecasted significant interior and exterior works. These works prioritize customer safety and experience going forward. Phase 1 of these works (about 10% of the project) we are pleased to say is completed. Stage 2 is due to commence in November 2022 running over a period of six months.

Queries regarding the forecasted works can be directed to the Clubs and Societies Operations Manager, Jamie Leckie at jamie.leckie@ousa.org.nz