Clubs and Societies


COVID ALERT | We are open. COVID level 2 protocols are being observed.


OUSA will continue to follow the advice provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Health (MOH). Our priority is to ensure that all students, staff and contractors are safe within our facility. “Clubs and Socs” will be adopting the following measures at level 2:


  • Guests must sign in using the NZ COVID Tracer App. If you do not have this app a manual register is available for use.

  • Please sanitise on entry and exit

  • Please observe spacing of 2 metres within the facility at all times

  • Sadly no personal staff bookings or commercial bookings will be taken

  • Regular club bookings will be honoured, however, each room has strict occupation limits (to facilitate distancing requirements)

  • The occupation caps for each room can be found at https://www.ousa.org.nz/clubsandsocs/room-bookings

  • Rooms will be left unlocked, held open by a doorstop. In the event of a fire, the doorstop should be kicked out of the way. Check-in at reception for your room is still required.

  • The kitchen is inaccessible 


  • Cleaning will be more comprehensive and of higher frequency at points of high contact

  • Personal hygiene heavily influences the cleanliness of our facility. Please keep this at the forefront of what you do.

  • Disinfectant spray and hand towels are located in each room. Please wipe down surfaces before use and do not remove products. Supply chains are pressurised and without adequate supplies, we may need to close the facility.

  • Hand sanitiser dispenser (and hand-washing facilities) are located throughout the facility.

  • Considered higher risk areas our floor two bathrooms, sauna, the vans and water fountains will be isolated off and closed


  • Our recreation programme will be delivered online. A small collection of onsite activities may be offered where we can deliver them safely.

  • Reception transactions will be card only i.e. no cash. Paywave is available.

  • First aid provision may be restricted. Staff will provide first aid when safe to do so.

  • Changes to our lost property services may see wait times for processing and collection.

  • Gear hire is dependent on satisfactory cleaning before and after use

  • Meetings with staff will be held digitally where possible

  • Staff will not be permitted to work if sick (even with a slight sniffle). This may place additional pressures on staffing. Where we cannot meet our compliance obligations for staffing the centre we may need to close at short notice. We apologise in advance but thank you for your preemptive understanding.



  • Our clubs are self-governed and managed and are expected to oversee COVID-19 protocols (directed by the MOH) as it applies to their specific operations

  • When onsite clubs must comply with the protocols of the centre and follow all reasonable instructions given by staff

  • These protocols are outlined within this document and supplementary guidance communicated through our Clubs Development Officer (CDO)

  • Clubs looking for further guidance should approach our CDO Clubs Development Officer as the first point of contact

  • Where we have genuine concern about how a club is operating at level 2, the CDO will follow up as per our affiliation policy

  • Collection and return of club locker keys to accompany hand sanitisation



  • Free breakfast will not operate at level 2. Note, the free breakfast programme is not currently running.

  • Frozen meals are still available from reception

  • $4 lunch will continue though spaces to dine in are limited (to support distancing). Takeaway is available via the provision of a clean BYO takeaway container for contactless service.  No cash will be accepted upstairs. We apologies for delays as we manage traffic. 


We have worked hard to develop the controls above. They are designed to keep you and us safe and ultimately the centre open. Queries above our controls can be directed to the Clubs and Societies Centre (Michaela Tangimetua) at michaela@ousa.org.nz