Clubs and Societies



NZ COVID-19 Protection Framework

OUSA continues to follow the advice provided by the NZ Ministry of Health. Alongside compliance, priorities remain the well-being of our staff and customers and the continuation of our services.

For these reasons, entry into the Clubs and Societies Centre is conditional on scanning in with the NZ Covid Tracer App and citation of your NZ vaccine pass. You’ll also need to have a good bill of health and wear masks in our communal areas and spaces where you aren’t familiar with one another (excludes physical activities). Last but not least we encourage distancing.

For the most part, services will operate as normal in levels green and orange. The exception is that saunas will be limited to private bookings in orange. We have chosen to close our building at level red with remote or contactless offerings delivered where feasible.

Thank you for all your hard work to date and your resilience as we go into another year.


  • To support screening a semipermanent reception will be in place at the entrance doors.
  • ARRIVE EARLY! Screening our visitors is going to slow down entry. Should a queue build please keep the exit way clear and space.
  • The centre is not constrained by any number caps (outside of the existing Building Act, 2004)
  • The centre will continue to maintain a high standard of cleaning
  • Sanitiser units will remain in the centre and complementary products will be available at reception
  • We’re navigating the CPF alongside you! Staff abuse will not be tolerated

Queries about our CPF response can be directed to the Clubs and Societies Centre Manager, Michaela Tangimetua michaela@ousa.org.nz