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COVID 19 Updates

COVID 19 Updates

COVID 19 Updates

OUSA has been and will continue to follow and apply the guidance and advice provided by the NZ Ministry of Health. Presently this means our centre is closed until further notice. It also means our staff are not physically at work and are navigating through all these changes with you.

Over the coming weeks, we will be building a digital recreation programme! This will have a very different look, feel and structure from our normal programme. However, it will be 100% free and a great way to kill some time over the next couple of weeks. Furthermore, our Clubs Development Officer will maintain contact with our Clubs and Societies. Whilst many club operations will cease we understand the importance of connection over this period (even if remote). We will also be taking the time to reflect on our services, finish projects that have been on the backburner, up-skill, and generate plenty of ideas for when our doors open again.

Let's make lemons into lemonade! Be kind to one another, stay safe and we will see you in the cloud.


Much love,



For more information, visit bit.ly/ousahatesgerms and otago.ac.nz/coronavirus/index.html