Clubs and Socs

Clubs and Socs


  • We are working to have our doors re-open by June 2nd. When we re-open our hours will be the same.
  • Guest registration https://my.evacheckin.com/0xhim This link and a QR code will be presented at our front door.
  • Guests MUST register before entering. Please check out on exit using the same link.
  • This control of numbers will be monitored at the front door, The back door to the facility will be locked.
  • Please expect, and plan for a queue on entry, lining up as indicated by the signage.
  • Please sanitise on entry and when exiting.

Room bookings

  • Check-in at reception for rooms is still required. We will need to cite your student ID though no keys will be transferred (with rooms remaining open)
  • The online booking system will be temporarily inaccessible. This will available from June 5th.
  • Booking requests can be directed to sue@ousa.org.nz (who works Monday to Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm) or 479 5960 We will require your student ID number. Note depending on when/how your request is received response may take up to 48 hours.
  • Regular club bookings will be honoured, however, each room has strict occupation limits
  • No kitchen bookings will be taken
  • Physical spacing of 2 metres is required throughout the facility
  • Disinfectant spray with wipes will be available in each room

High-risk activities and amenities

  • The floor 2 bathrooms, sauna, vans and water fountains will be inaccessible over the level 2 period
  • Club gear hire will be unavailable in level 2
  • The recreation programme will be offered digitally with a scaled-back on-site programme where safe to do so.


  • Our cleaning will be more comprehensive and of higher frequency at points of high contact
  • Please note, we rely on your good behaviour and cleanliness for the centre to remain open
  • Disinfectant spray and hand towels will be within each room. Please do not remove these products in respect to others. Supply chains are pressurised and without adequate product, we may need to close the facility.
  • Areas deemed high risk and non-prioritised will be closed e.g. sauna, showers, water fountains etc.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers (and handwashing facilities) are located throughout the facility. Please clean your hands on entry and exit and as required


  • Our clubs are self-governed and managed and are expected to oversee COVID 19 protocols as it applies to their specific operations
  • When onsite however clubs need to comply with the protocols the centre has set and follow all reasonable instructions given by staff
  • These protocols are outlined here with supplementary guidance communicated directly from your Clubs Development Officer
  • Where we have a genuine concern about how a club is operating at level 2, the CDO will follow up as per our affiliation policy.


  • The occupation limits of our rooms have been lowered
  • No singular room can cater for over 10 people. The only exceptions to this are $3 lunch and OUSA casual yoga where the activities are managed by staff and have additional protocols in place.
  • Regular club bookings will remain (though individual room caps need to be adhered by),
  • No personal staff or commercial bookings will be taken, online bookings will be removed and requests will be screened and processed on a case-by-case basis.
  • $3 Lunch will primarily be takeaway only. 20 seats will be available for dine-in on a first in first access basis. Please refrain from moving furniture as it has been purposefully placed. No cash can be accepted but EFTPOS can be processed at reception, as per normal. Please bring a clean takeaway container for contactless service. (A biodegradable container will be provided for those that don’t have one) We apologise for delays as we manage traffic.
  • We sadly will not be accepting cash at reception. We encourage the use of pay wave. If you do not have this facility consider using the corner of your card to tap in the pin.
  • Occupation caps for our rooms have been reduced to allow for physical distancing and the optimisation of our facility. 
  • Caps are as follows:

Exercise Studio | 8

Activities Hall | 30 

Piano Room | 2

Evison Lounge | 20 

SSC annex | 1

Room 2 | 12 

Room 3 | 6

Room 4 | 10

Room 5 | 10

Room 6 | 4

Music Room | 2

Quiet Room | 2

Kitchen | not available 

Cottage Lounge | 4

Otago Room - 10

Jonesey - 6

Dance Studio - 9

  • Please note, furniture may be removed to support the above per area caps.
  • Under level 2, first aid provision may be restricted. Staff will provide first aid when safe to do so.
  • Rooms will be left unlocked and held open with a doorstop. Check-in at reception is still required but you will not receive a key. In the event of a fire, the doorstop should be kicked out of the way.
  • Club locker keys will be assigned to one person only for the duration of level 2.
  • The lost property service will sadly be suspended for level 2. Items received will be quarantined until safe to process.
  • Meetings with staff will be held remotely where possible.
  • The door into reception and the offices will be locked
  • The recreation programme will continue to operate digitally in level 2. A small collection of onsite activities may be offered where we can deliver them safely.


If you are sick or feeling unwell, we ask that you please stay home.

  • As required, a condition of entry is for all people to sign the guest register. Without this, unfortunately, you will not be able to enter. You will be required to sign on each entry (and check-out when leaving)
  • We are using the Eva Check-in platform for our Guest Registration. The QR code and link can be found above and will be visible at our entrance. This enables you to complete check-in on your own device.
  • If you do not have a suitable device to register we can manually sign you in.
  • SPS security will oversee the check-in process and monitor numbers in the facility.
  • Information collected is purely to facilitate COVID-19 tracing and occupation management and is handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993
  • If by chance we are made aware that someone connected to the facility has tested positive, is a probable case or is connected, the centre will close immediately and those on our guest register will be contacted by the Ministry of Health.
  • Please note, our back door will be closed at level 2 to allow us to accurately monitor who is entering and exiting the building, for contact is tracing as needed.


  • Please remember, our staff are people too! Please endeavour to be kind, patient and understanding. We too have been challenged by this process and look forward to working together with you!
  • We have a zero-tolerance for working on-site when sick (even with a slight sniffle). As such this may place additional pressures on staffing and as necessary where we cannot staff the facility safely (compliance or otherwise) we may need to close on short notice. Thank you for your understanding.
  • We have worked hard internally to develop our health and safety protocols. These protocols will ensure we keep everyone safe. Please follow these protocols to ensure we can remain open.


  • The COVID 19 period has seen substantial financial loss to Clubs and Socs, as well as OUSA as a whole.
  • Facility expenses have increased within this period and as such, we need to be fiscally responsible, sustainable and prioritise our operations.
  • Sadly, free breakfast will not be returning at this stage. Supplies already purchased will be donated to our foodbank. Staff will be re-deployed to support additional cleaning requirements and“savings” absorbed by our additional costs e.g. providing takeaway containers for our $3 lunch service and contracting personnel to manage our guest check-in tracing system.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. Further queries can be directed to the Recreation Manager (Michaela Tangimetua) at michaela@ousa.org.nz