Covid protocol for Starters

Customers to please line up at the door . You will then be required to scan the QR code for contract tracing and sign in. If don’t have a smartphone/QR reader staff can assist. ID will still be checked at the door. Please sanitise on entry using the sanitiser provided.

Customers to please come inside the door to a designated area where you will wait to be seated. A waitron will take you to the table. Those who wish to smoke will be seated outside.

Please remain seated at your designated tables throughout the duration of your visit. Mingling between tables is not permitted. Toilets to operate as normal, alongside added sanitary measures.

The Watron will bring all orders to the table, and take further orders from there. Payment will be requested exit. Customers to sign out on exit using QR code. Those checked in by staff will once again be checked out by staff.