Hyde Street Party

Hyde Street Party

Hyde Street Party

Saturday 21 April 2018

The annual Hyde Street Party is back for 2018, and once again OUSA are assisting the residents of Hyde Street to put on the best street party in NZ. Start thinking about your costumes now! 

OUSA is working closely alongside the residents to ensure not only everybody has a great time but that it is a safe environment in which to do so. 

Unique Codes and General Admission Registrations are now open

Unique code registrations close 4pm, Thursday 12th April. Unclaimed codes will be put back into the ballot pool for general admisssion. General admission registrations close 12pm, Friday 13th April. Register here.

Check out 'The Other Side of Hyde', a behind-the-scenes look into the 2017 Hyde Street Party.


OUSA cares about you. Please take care of yourself, and others around you. Have plenty to eat, limit your drinks and wear sensible clothes, and cooperate with all the fantastic staff and agencies who come on board to help keep you safe. We’ll have food on offer all day long.
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There are two potential ways to gain a wristband to the Hyde Street Party 2018. These are Unique Codes or (GA) General Admission Lottery. Please click here to see the handy flowchart to understand the Hyde Street ticketing process. Both Unique Codes and (GA) General Admission Lottery have links to register at www.hydestreet.co.nz.

Unique Codes Info

First off Unique Codes will be given out to Hyde Street Residents, their invited student friends and to the surrounding streets backing on to Hyde Street. If you are not entitled to a Unique Code, you can register for the General Admission Lottery instead. Whoever received a code, needs to go www.hydestreet.co.nz to enter their details and pay online to secure their wristband. 

(GA) General Admission Lottery Info

This year again we are implementing a lottery registration, so that it is more fair and less stressful for Otago Tertiary students to obtain a general admission wristband to Hyde Street. You can choose to either register individually or as a group (up to 5 people) where after registrations close, students will be randomly selected by a computer generated randomiser for the maximum allocated general admission tickets. Individual and group registrations will have just as much chance of being randomly chosen, where if a group registers and 1 person from that group is randomly selected, all of the group will be selected as well.

One person from the group will need to gather the following details for each person in the group when registering online:

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • If they are a Otago Uni or Otago Polytech Student
  • Student ID Number
  • What year of study
  • Cellphone
  • Email
  • Flat address

If successful in being randomly selected, an individual link will be sent that will request more information and payment online to secure a wristband. You may only enter once! - duplicate entries will not be accepted and any subsequent entries will be deleted (this includes registration for Unique Codes). For example, if you are found to be registered by two groups, we will randomly choose which group you will be delete from to bring you back to one entry. You will have 3 days to register, registrations open at 10am, Tuesday 10th April and registrations close at 12pm noon Friday 13th April.

Entry Cost

$35 - This helps to cover all costs associated with safety & logistics. This must be paid online when registering with a Debit or Credit Card only. 

If you are successful, a final form and online payment link will be emailed to you. This must be paid online via credit/debit card only to secure your wristband. GA's will have from Friday 13th April to Tuesday 17th April to make the payment online to secure a wristband. No payment, no wristband. 


Click here for answers to FAQ's + how to contact us if your question isn't answered.