Hyde Street FAQs

Hyde Street FAQs

Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below before contacting us


I have successfully registered, when and where do I pick up my wristband?

Please pick up your wristband on either Thursday 19th or Friday 20th April 2018. Office hours are 9am until 5pm at the OUSA Main Office – 640 Cumberland Street (opposite the Otago Museum, through the brick archway).

I can't do the wristbanding days, what can I do?

If you are unable to collect your wristband on either of these days due to being out of town, sport, work or any other legitimate reason, you can collect your wristband on the event day over at the OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre (84 Albany Street) from 9am – 1pm, you will just need to bring your Student ID, Age ID and Registration Reference Number with you.

What is the difference between Unique Codes and General Admission Lottery (GA's) + where do I register? CLICK HERE to see the handy flow chart of the two ticketing systems we use. To register for either, head to www.hydestreet.co.nz 

Do I have to be a student? The Unique Codes including the 'Invited by a Hyde Street Resident' unique codes can go to ANY NZ tertiary student that's 18+ (This means as long as you have a vaild 2018 Student ID card for your tertiary institution, you are good to register, as we check this when you claim your wristband). The General Admission registration have to be an Otago Tertiary student that are second year or above.

How do I know if I am included in 'surrounding' streets? The team will come around with unique codes for those houses that surround Hyde Street on Tuesday 10 April. When we say 'surrounding' we mean both sides of Leith street central and Clyde street… but only the section of such streets between Albany Street and Fredrick street! Don’t panic if you aren’t home when the team comes around – they will leave you a note of what to do.

When registering for GA, does each person in  the group need to register or just one person from the group? Just one person from the group needs to register for everyone. They will need to get the following details off each person in the group:

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • If they are a Otago Uni or Otago Polytech Student
  • Student ID
  • What year of study
  • Cellphone
  • Email
  • Flat address

What happens if I register more than once for the General Admission? We will delete any subsequent duplicates and randomly choose which group you will stay in. If you successfully registered a Unique Code and are also registered for the General Admission Lottery, we will delete just you from all GA lottery registrations.

My Unique Code has expired! What can I do? Unfortunately after 4pm Thursday 12 April 2018, we are unable to accept any further registrations due to the unregistered tickets are counted and released to the General Admission Lottery. You still have the option to register for the General Admission Lottery up to 12pm Friday 13 April 2018 if you miss the Unique Codes Registeration but if you miss both, unfortunately we are unable to help you.

How much is a ticket? $35 - All unique codes and successfully chosen GA's are the same price except Hyde Street Residents.

How do I pay for my ticket? All payments are made online by using a Debit or Credit Card. If you do not have either of these, you will have to ask a friend nicely to use their card and transfer them the $35.

How many tickets are there? There is a total capacity of 3,600 attendees we can have at the party due to the health and safety of everyone. There was close to 1,300 Unique codes given out last year, so 2,300 tickets were randomly given through the GA lottery. All unregistered unqiue codes go towards the GA Lottery to make a total of 3,600.

If I volunteer to help with wristbanding will I get a free wristband to the event? Unfortunately we are not doing this anymore.




What time do I have to be at the party? The doors officially open at 9am and will shut at 1pm, so make sure you enter before then! DJ's will play till 5.30pm and everyone is told to leave by 6pm. This is a long day, so keep hydrated and eat lots of free food!

What alcohol can be bought into Hyde St? Any restrictions? Any alcohol as long as there is no glass. Also no entry and no alcohol can be brought in after 1pm.

Do I need student ID/age ID on the event day? No you just need your wristband to gain entry.

Can I tip my alcohol into an easier to manage drink bottle for Hyde St or do they have to be sealed? Yes you may and it doesn't have to be sealed. Just no glass!

What food will be available? Are there any Vegetarian/Vegan/Dairy Free Food options? There will be free sausage sizzle, free pulled pork and coleslaw buns and free churros available. The flying squid will also be open for you to purchase food from which should be able to meet most dietary requirements but you are most welcome to bring in your own food as well.



Monday 9th April:
Hyde St Residents recieve their unique codes

They will have until Thursday 12th April to register their code to secure a wristband for the event. If they do not register in time, their wristband will go towards the general admission lottery.

Tuesday 10th April:
GA (General Admission Lottery) OPENS officially at 10am. Surrounding Streets will recieve their unique codes.

Thursday 12th April 4pm:
All UNIQUE CODES registration CLOSE at 4pm.

If you are given a unique code, please make sure you register it before then to secure your ticket.

Friday 13th April, 12pm noon:
GA (General Admission Lottery) lottery CLOSES at 12pm noon.

Lottery will be drawn and success emails with new form and online payments sent out + Unsuccessful emails sent out by 5pm. If you are successful, you will be sent a link asking for more personal details and then be asked to pay the $35 online using a debit or credit card. You will need to complete the payment by Tuesday 17th April to secure a wristband.

Monday 16th April:

Reminder email sent for those who haven’t paid.

Tuesday 17th April, 4pm:
Online payments for successfully chosen GA will CEASE at 4pm.

No wristbands can be secured if online payment is not made by this time. New draw will be done for remaining wristbands and emails will be sent out by 6pm giving them until 4pm Wednesday 18th April to complete the registration and online payment.

Wednesday 18th April, 4pm:

Second draw form and payments cease at 4pm.

If not completed, no wristband will be issued.

Thursday 18th & Friday 19th April 9am - 5pm:
Wristband collection from OUSA Main Office, 640 Cumberland Street.

Make sure you're free to collect your wristband on one of these dates and can wear this until the end of the party. Please bring your Student ID + Age ID with you to collect your wristband.

If you are unable to do either of these days due to out of town, sport, work or any other legitimate reason, attendees are able to collect their wristband from the OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre (84 Albany Street) between 9am – 1pm on event day.

Saturday 21st April:
Party Day!

The party will open at 9am, there will be a one-way door policy from 1pm, and party ends at 6pm.

Event Day wristband collection from 9am – 1pm at OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre (84 Albany Street)

If your question is not answered above, please email:

Ticketing/wristbanding questions to: hydest@ousa.org.nz


For General/Logistics questions to: luke@ousa.org.nz