Join a Committee

Join a Committee

If you're looking to get more involved with OUSA, you've come to the right place!

Academic Committee

This committee advises OUSA policy on all things academic. Want to go bigger picture than the class rep scheme, and look at the way students interact with everything that is academic at the university? Here you’ll be able to support the academic representative to set the tone, and policy direction at all levels of the university. Sign up here

Submissions Committee

Want to play a key role in OUSA’s lobbying efforts? This is the place for you. The OUSA submissions committee plays a key role in choosing, structing, and approving submissions on government, local government, and university policy. Sign up here

Residential Committee

Hate landlords? Want better hall food? The OUSA residential committee sets the tone for all our lobbying efforts regarding halls, flats, and anywhere with 4 walls and a roof. If you want to help shape the future of North Dunedin and Student Flats, sign up here

Welfare & Equity Committee

The OUSA Welfare and Equity Committee exists to Advance and advocate for students’ welfare and equity; Make OUSA’s representation, lobbying and campaigning on welfare and equity issues as efficient and informed as possible, and make recommendations to the Executive on welfare and equity related issues. If this sounds like you, sign up here