Students during COVID-19

Students during COVID-19

During this busy, crazy hectic motherfricking time, OUSA has been working hard to make sure all the services are being run for you during lockdown. 

We decided to collate all the information which has been thrown at us over the past week into quick docos for you to read: 

Check out the information categories in the side bar. 

If you would like anymore information or have a specific issue get in contact with adminvp@ousa.co.nz 

OUSA Rundown 

  • As the Executive, we have been working largely behind the scenes making financial decisions and making sure students have a voice at the many University tables as they continue to provide pastoral care and online teaching. We have also joined with both NZUSA (to support their campaign) and the Student Volunteer Army (to help out the Ōtepoti community, watch this space to sign up).  

  • Events have worked to adapt all events or move them to second sem if possible or if they can host events online. They have created an awesome events timeline for us when we are all back in the dirty D.  

  • Clubs and Socs/Recreation have moved to an online recreation course, go and check them out here https://www.ousa.org.nz/clubsandsocs/courses. For all clubs, we understand this is a crazy time for you and remember to talk to the Clubs Development Officer with any queries you may have. 

  • Student Support are still here for you and the majority of their services are still available, you can contact them on help@ousa.org.nz, skype: OUSA Help, phone 0800 12 10 23. They have also been working hard with our marketing team to create an online support and move all their consultations online. If you need anything at all be in touch and go check out their online hub once it is up and running tomorrow. 

  • The Starters bar crew are going to have online quizzes every Wednesday. They are going to have Facebook live music festivals on Saturday, tutorials and multiple other awesome things. Go like their Facebook to get involved.  

  • Critic is now fully online, producing new content every day for you to read in your isolation states on their website. https://www.critic.co.nz/.  

  • Radio One 91FM programmers are continuing to broadcast using remote solutions. Tune in for the regular live shows, voices, news and content, 24/7. You can listen them on your trusty FM dial, or at https://www.r1.co.nz/streaming   

  • University Book Shop: has provided many books before isolation started and we hope you are all enjoying them, they are now on a hiatus with only their mail service running. 

  • Planet Media have been working to make sure we still have all our favourite brands on campus when we come back and making sure they have the advertising space they need. 

  • Marketing and Communications have worked tirelessly to get campaigns sorted for every department, stay tuned for more amazing campaigns! Have a look for the weekly round up on Fridays on our Instagram.  

  • Administration Support have been set up and are working from home, to ensure OUSA runs as smoothly as possible.