Academic Information

Academic Information

Two weeks ago, we had lecturers who struggled with simply adjusting the volume on a video, now they’re facilitating online learning. There are bound to be a few hiccups, glitchy screens and awkward zoom silences as we adjust to this new ‘normal’ of University teaching and learning. Depending on different papers/courses/lecturers online learning won’t look the same for everyone. BUT we want to ensure that across the University, online teaching and learning is going as smoothly as possible. That looks like good communication from lecturers and tutors to students, flexibility with assessment deadlines if needed, a high standard of provision of paper content and access to resources to support learning. So, here are some handy steps to help you out if you don’t feel like all those boxes are being checked.  



  • If you’re confused/stuck/lost/need help regarding your specific paper, it is best to first contact your paper coordinator, lecturer or tutor directly (you likely would’ve received an email from them already so check those student emails if you haven’t already!! Otherwise their contact info will be on Blackboard/Moodle.) 

  • If you don’t want to be the one to contact your lecturer, reach out to your Class Reps – their contact information will be on Blackboard/Moodle or have been emailed out to you. They’re there to help facilitate communication between lecturers and students.   

  • Get in touch with your student associations – a list of many of the academic clubs and associations can be found here: https://www.ousa.org.nz/clubsandsocs/clubs/clubs-list  
    Many of them are here to help and support their students where they can.  

Remember OUSA is here to help out however we can. If your lecturer/tutor really just isn’t cutting the mustard (translation: ain’t it/not good enough), if you have any other issues relating to online learning or any questions at all that aren’t being answered: email OUSA’s Academic Representative at academic@ousa.org.nz  
Student Support is also a really great service to utilise – helping you out with flatting, finances, tenancy, Queer support, safety, wellbeing… basically everything. COVID-19 has meant these are unprecedented times but it doesn’t mean you won’t have other things going on in your life that you might need support in - Student Support has your back. Contact them at Email: help@ousa.org.nz, Skype: OUSA Help, Queer Support Skype: OUSA Queer Support, Phone: 0800 12 10 23