General COVID-19 Information

General COVID-19 Information

Alert Level 2 Information: At Alert level two the official link to information is here: https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-2/

Key points are:

- You may interact with others

- Keep gatherings to 10 or less people

- For people you do not know maintain physical distancing of 1m while inside and 2m while outside

- Regional travel and most businesses are now open

It remains important to be thinking about how to keep your friends, your whānau, and yourself safe and mentally well. Full info on what to do can be found at covid19.govt.nz.

The University: classes and exams will remain online for the duration of semester 1. At alert level two libraries and university facilities such as the link are open. Use of these areas will require contact tracing procedures to be followed. At entrances there will be stations where you can either ensure you are signed into the university wifi or physically record your entry to the space on paper. There are regular sanitation stations around the university. Many university cafes are also open with the appropriate physical distancing measure in place.