International Students' Information

International Students' Information


Due to border closures, visas expiring between 2 April and 9 July will be extended automatically. 

You must renew your visa online (if it expires before 2nd April) or contact Immigration New Zealand regarding your specific situation. An interim visa will be issued. 


You cannot be fired from any job (part-time or full-time) because of COVID-19 

All business accessing the wage subsidy scheme must pay at least $350 per week to part-time workers, even if the business is not functioning because of the lockdown. 


University MUST support international students during this lockdown period as per their Code of Pastoral Care obligations. 

University MUST keep you well-informed and safe, and MUST ensure you are properly cared for during this time. 


International students are eligible for public funding for any COVID-19-related healthcare costs 


It is illegal for landlord/accommodation providers to terminate tenancies/contacts or kick out tenants/residents during the lockdown period 

If you do not have access to suitable accommodation, contact the University as they have a responsibility to care. 

Advocacy Support for International Students 

Visit NZISA - New Zealand International Students’ Association’s website for all support available for International students: nzisa.co.nz/guidance 

Get in touch with OUSA International Representative - Arina Aizal at international@ousa.org.nz