Welfare and Wellbeing Information

Welfare and Wellbeing Information

Yeah gidday here’s my two cents on how to give a fuck about your wellbeing in the current pandemic.


They are back at level 2 but you have to book an appointment to see them physically, no drop ins soz. Not able to vent over a soy flat white with Rebecca like you normally would? Landlord being a dick? Tight on money? Student Support is here for you via the interwebs at help@ousa.org.nz or through the brand new HUB website: https://ousasupporthub.org.nz/. Through the HUB you can easily apply for things like the OUSA hardship fund (up to $250), they can help you apply for other financial support like the brnd spanking new University student hardship fund Pūtea Tautoko, WINZ, StudyLink. Or contact our wonderful staff at student support to help with anything and everything else you are dealing with atm!


This is the universities student hardship fund, you can apply through eVision! This is a multi-million dollar fund that has weekly contributions so there is plenty to go around. The criteria is borad, if you are undergrad/postgrad, full-time/part-time, domestic/international, you can apply! If you have a short or long term cost that you can’t make and it will impact your ability to continue your study at Otago you should apply! Also keep in mind the OUSA hardship fund for any short term hardship you may face for a quicker solution: https://ousasupporthub.org.nz/how-can-we-help/money/


· They are still doing telehealth (over the phone/zoom) check ups where they can but physical appointments with a GP is available! This is also applicable for mental health appointments, they will be primarily over zoom but if necessary they can be in person.

· Any respiratory symptoms when calling student health they will ask you to stay home whilst organising a test for covid-19 and perhaps directed to healthline.

· Arrive early because you’ll be screened before entering student health.

· Medications: please call Student Health, a clinician will call you back to discuss your requirements, an appointment may / may not be necessary. Prescriptions will be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy.

· Flu vaccine is free this year! When the uni is stocked up and ready to go they will notify students about flu clinics.


Student Health:

· STI – If you have symptoms or are concerned, please call Student Health and a clinician will call you back.

· Due to laboratory workload we are unable to offer non symptomatic STI screens.

Family Planning:

· You must book an appointment through https://www.familyplanning.org.nz/, no drop ins.

· A lot of services are back on (STI testing, smear test, contraception etc) but when calling to book an appointment you will find out what your clinic is able to do.


· For support with your mental wellbeing you can call or text 1737 to talk with a trained counsellor for FREE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

· Student Support offer non-clinical support for students, again contact through the HUB, https://ousasupporthub.org.nz/

· Call student health (0800 479 821) and let the reception team know you are wanting to book an appointment. One of the team will then call back and do an initial phone/zoom triage session (free). Counselling/clinical psych appointments are offered either via zoom or phone ($10 per appointment).