Queer Support





  • Queer and Far

Queer and Far is a cross-cultural group for queer and questioning students. This is an excellent group for international students and domestic students with diverse cultural identities who may not feel comfortable or safe coming along to other LGBT+ groups and events on campus. Queer and Far is held on Wednesdays, 3pm - 4pm, room 103, International Office, Archway Building. Group starts on Wednesday 18th July! 

In addition, we are providing support for the groups below, all these groups are student led initiatives: 

  • Queer Film Review Club

A brand new group for 2018! If you are interested in discussing films or you're looking for good recomendations for queer films then this club is for you. Club members are welcome to utilise the Queer Resource Library to discuss and review queer literature. Express your interest today by emailing q.support@otago.ac.nz. The upcoming film nights are on Friday 10th August, 31st August and 28th September, 7pm - 10pm in Burns 2 Lecture Theatre.

  • Queer St!tch and B!tch 

Have you ever had a craving to crochet, a yearning for yarn, or been nuzzled by the need to knit? Come and hang out with those who love to knit (or want to learn how!) in a calm & cosy queer-friendly space.
This is a place to be around other queers to chat about whatever and those who want to do something with their hands, so just bring some needles and yarn, and unleash your inner-grandma with tea and biscuits! Express your interest today by emailing Simon Clay at simon.clay@postgrad.otago.ac.nz.


  • QTea

QTea is run by UniQ and runs every Friday 2pm - 4pm in the Otago Room, OUSA Clubs and Societies. Come along to hang out, chat and get to know other members of our local Queer community. Our UniQ Otago Committee Members run this weekly event and its a great place to hear about upcoming events and other ways to involve yourself in the local Queer community. Stay up to date with UniQ by following their UniQ Events page.