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Stand Up Comedy

Stand Up Comedy

Learning to effectively communicate your own sense of humour is an invaluable skill, in your private or professional life. From customer service to working in the entertainment industry or show business, comedy will help you succeed!    

This course is designed specifically for aspiring Stand-Up Comedians, Actors, Writers or anyone planning to host a pub quiz or their cousin's wedding reception. You will be learning the fundamentals of comedy writing, and performance. Why jokes work, how to write jokes, and how to get over stage fright. You will also be developing your own jokes, which will be refined during one-on-one writing sessions.

The class is taught by the comedian, writer and teacher, Reuben Crisp. Any queries or questions can be sent directly to him reuben@dunedincomedy.co.nz

STAND UP COMEDY Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00pm 5 sessions starting 17th July 2019
Ending 14th August 2019
Fee: $0.00
Room 4, OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre