Intercultural Mandarin ~ Semester TWO

Intercultural Mandarin ~ Semester TWO

Want to try an innovative and developing approach to learning languages, then look no further. This course will employ a teaching concept known as intercultural language teaching. This course is very much designed for beginners, and is focused on the acquisition of the basic aspects of Mandarin, but importantly whilst also learning some of the many cultural concepts that are conveyed through languages, helping you gain a better understanding of both language and culture. It would also be suitable if you wanted to refresh your previously learnt basic knowledge of the language, whilst gaining a cultural insight.

This approach is a very new way of looking at learning languages. Previous Feedback has included:

2. Which aspects of this course have you found most interesting? Please explain.

The cultural information really opened my eyes to the Chinese culture and makes me keen to know more. It helps me understand a little better my Chinese students and colleagues, and makes it easier to be friends with them. It’s easy to be intimidated by another culture and this course helps break down that barrier in a big way. The writing is also fascinating although there wasn’t time to really cover it in an 8-week course.

6. Are you more aware now of how culture affects communication than you were at the beginning of the course? Please explain.

Yes – and the pairing of the cultural concepts really helped make sense of the language. It made the language more interesting too. Both the language and culture helped each other i.e. reinforced my understanding. This is very different to how I have experienced learning a language before – usually you just get vocab to memorise and language drills. The video clips helped make the language more salient – you could really see why you were learning the particular phrases or words. It was great being encouraged to watch for body language etc.. on the video clips too – really helped with cultural understanding.

INTERCULTURAL MANDARIN Wednesday 6.00-7.30pm 8 sessions starting 1st August 2018
Ending 26th September 2018
Fee: $47.00
Room 2, OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre, 84 Albany Street, Dunedin