Spanish Language for Beginners ~ Summer School

Spanish Language for Beginners ~ Summer School

This course is designed for those with no previous Spanish language experience, including those wanting to learn a few tips and phrases before travelling to Spanish speaking countries and those who just want a taste of the language and culture. Designed and taught by a native speaker, the course emphasizes practical communication and incorporates a myriad of teaching resources. Join us for a lively, creative course with integrated pair work and group work opportunities.

PLEASE Note: These Spanish language courses have very much been designed to take you on a journey throughout the year. Each level follows on from the previous level,  designed to push your progression in incremental steps. The progression looks like:

"Beginners"  - "Beginners Continuing"  -  "Continuing"  -  "Intermediate"

Continuing and Intermediate will be offered in Semester 2.

If you haven't previously completed a beginners course, but have some previous experience of the language and would like to know if the beginners continuing would be at a suitable level for you, please get in touch and the tutor will happily discuss your options, and try to place you in the correct level of course.

SPANISH LANGUAGE FOR BEGINNERS ~ SUMMER SCHOOL Monday 5.30-7.00pm 5 sessions starting 15th January 2018
Ending 12th February 2018
Fee: $38.00
Room 2, OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre, 84 Albany Street, Dunedin