Are You OK?

Are You OK?

Are You OK?

Are really good at looking out for people? Are you non-judgemental and it takes a lot to shock you? Do you like being part of a dynamic team? Do you love student gigs and want to help keep them safe and great for everyone attending? Sounds like you? Then you'd be a perfect fit volunteering for Are You OK!

What is Are You Ok?

At all OUSA events where alcohol is served, you will find our fantastic Are You OK? team.  These trained student volunteers scope the venue and look out for students who need help in any way. Sometimes, students just need a bit of chill out time, sometimes they need a safe lift home and sometimes they need medical attention. The Are You OK? team make sure students get the help that they need.

What's in it for you?

  • Fabulous, hands-on experience working with students in a high-energy environment.
  • The chance to work collaboratively with professional support services, including St John’s.
  • A fantastic, supportive team
  • The opportunity to take a leadership role
  • REALLY good karma
  • Food and drinks on the night, transport home
  • A transcript for your CV
  • Expert training covers:
    • Recognising and responding to intoxication and substance use
    • Identifying appropriate supports
    • Knowing when to refer or seek help
    • Looking after students and looking after yourself: boundaries

If you’d like a bit more info to see if this is something you’d love to do, sign up here!