Are You OK?

Are You OK?

Are You OK?

Do you love OUSA events and want to help other people love then too? Are you non-judgemental and it takes a lot to shock you? Do you love helping others and having great yarns? Then you'd be a perfect fit to volunteer for Are You OK! We are looking for second years and above to join the Are You OK? safety team and provide a safety net for other students at OUSA events. Full training is provided and you get to experience the events in a unique way.

What is Are You Ok?

Are You Ok? is the OUSA Student Support safety team, here to make sure that a good time doesn't turn into a bad time and support is always there when it is needed. The Are You OK? safety team provides students with a non-judgmental, approachable, and friendly source of support. At all OUSA events, you will find our fantastic Are You OK? team in their bright orange T-shirts.  Whether someone has had too much to drink, is feeling homesick, in need of first aid, needs some chill out time, or a safe ride home the trained Are You OK? volunteers are there to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

What's in it for you?

  • Fabulous, hands-on experience working with students in a high-energy environment.
  • A fantastic, supportive team
  • The opportunity to take a leadership role
  • REALLY good karma
  • Food and drinks on the night, transport home
  • Expert training includes:
    • Active listening and communication (providing emotional support)
    • Alcohol and drugs
    • Bystander intervention
    • First aid

If you’d like a bit more info to see if this is something you’d love to do, sign up here!