We provide a resource library with characters and topics that cover the spectrum of queer identities in order to provide students with media choices they can relate to. Our library is located at the OUSA Student Support Centre,  5 Ethel Benjamin Place, open from 9am to 4.30 pm weekdays. All items are free for students to borrow.

Borrowing Guide & Information

  • If you wish to borrow DVDs or books please complete an issue form. Place the form in the ‘completed issue forms’ box.
  • DVDs maybe borrowed for up to 2 weeks. Located on the shelf under the DVD section.
  • Place returned items into the orange box. Located under the Queer Support notice board in the corridor.
  • Feel free to make suggestions about what you would like to see in the collection.
  • If you are staff or a community member we would appreciate a gold coin donation when borrowing items.

Download this spreadsheet to get the full library catalogue of DVD's available.

Click here to download the full list of Books available for lending.


Library Updates

Queer Literature Review Club is a brand new group for 2018! A fun way to discover new books to read and films to watch.

We're planning on going digital this year to make it easier for your to search, book and borrow items!