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Electronic Art Comp

Electronic Art Comp

Looking to try something new? Maybe get fit, or get creative? Whatever it is, we got you!


Electronic Art Comp


Embark on a journey into the digital realm. From mesmerizing animations to immersive virtual worlds, express your creativity through pixels and codes. Whether you're a master of game design, digital illustration, or animation, this competition is your canvas to redefine what is possible in the electronic arts. There are three themes to inspire your creations, and so long as it is electronic based, it can be part of this competition!

You have until 5pm Friday 2nd August to enter up to three artworks per theme. These must be Electronic Art (see definition below), and your own work.

The themes for 2024 are:

- Organic
- Landmark
- Toxic

A winner and runner-up from each theme will be chosen and receive prizes!
This is just for fun, because you're all amazing to us. You don't have to be a pro to enter, anyone and anything is welcome!

by entering these works you allow OUSA to use your artwork to show at OUSA Art Week and anywhere else we see as relevant to Art Week and future Promo for the competition.

What is Electronic Art? Here are some definitions!

Electronic art refers to any type of art that is created using electronic or digital technology. This can include visual art, such as digital painting, video art, and multimedia installations, as well as audio-based art, such as electronic music and sound installations. Electronic art often involves the use of computer software, hardware, and other digital tools to create, manipulate, and display the artwork.

Digital Painting and Drawing: This involves creating artwork using digital tools such as tablets, stylus pens, and software like Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, or even just MS Paint that came with your computer.

Photography and Video Art: This category includes digital photography, video art, and experimental film-making, where the artist uses digital tools to capture, manipulate, and present images and videos.

Computer-generated Art: This category includes computer-generated graphics, animations, and simulations, which are created using software like Blender, Maya, or Cinema 4D.

Interactive Art: This category includes artworks that invite the audience to actively participate in the creation or experience of the artwork, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive installations.

Sound Art: This category includes music and sound, where the artist uses electronic and digital tools to create, manipulate, and present sound and music.

We will not be accepting AI generated artwork for this competition

All artworks must be submitted by 5pm Friday 2nd August.

Submit the files using this form, and please include your own full name and category you have entered in in your filenames.

To submit your artworks using this form, upload your files below. If you have questions, or have complications submitting files, please email rpc@ousa.org.nz before 5pm Friday 2nd August

Some stuff you should know:

You must be a student of Otago University or Otago Polytechnic to enter.
Entries must be your own work.
Works must not have have been published, where the publisher owns rights.
We hold the right to not display any work that is deemed inappropriate for display at the University of Otago.
The winner and Runner up will receive a prize.
We hold the right to display your work for marketing and audience consumption.
This is not a serious "get feedback' kind of competition, its here for a bit of fun, experimenting, and getting your work seen. We think you are all amazing.