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Optimizing Your Health

Optimizing Your Health

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Optimizing Your Health

Health Coach Wellbeing Course

No current classes for Semester 2 2023.

A four week practical course to talk about how optimizing your wellbeing and habits to cultivate for better living. Each week will start with a pranayama and end with a 5 minute shavasana (it is after all the hardest yoga pose)

4 session program, 1 session per week over 4 week period.

Week 1: The 5 Pillars of wellbeing

  • What is Wellness
  • Wellness is multi-dimensional and holistic and encompasses all areas of our lives.
  • Finding Balance and fulfilment means cultivating practices around Physical, mental, Spiritual, Social, Environmental and emotional health
  • We explore each of these dimensions of health
  • Check -In/ Reflection: Group evaluation of their own circle of life

Week 2 : Physical & Environmental Health

  • Circadian Clock : What it is
  • Sleep and the Sleeplessness Epidemic
  • How to cultivate good sleep routine and habits
  • Listening to your body – its always giving you feedback
  • Biohacking your sleep
  • Physical Health
  • Moving our bodies
  • When, How much, What
  • Finding Exercise you love
  • Check in/ Reflection: Group assess their biorythmns, sleep & physical Goals

 Week 3 : Food  & Nurturing our bodies

  • The Holobiome & Gut Microbiome
  • Food today post industrialization and the advent of Ultra Procesed Food
  • What happened to the body when we have a diet 70% UPF? Alcohol? Drugs?
  • Why organic food matters ? Nutritional Density, Diversity , Maintaining Gut Integrity ( IBS, Dysbiosis, Leaky gut)
  • Optimising Nutrition Tip
  • Eating the colours of the rainbow
  • 7 – 10 fruit & veg per day, whole foods; 30 different foods
  • Sugar Epidemic and its effects: Diabetes
  • Healthy fats
  • Gluten  & White / Processed foods
  • The power of eating Seasonally
  • Demo : Fermented Foods?   Sugar Free alternatives, Healthy Fat choices
  • Handout
  • EWG clean 15 and dirty dozen

Week 4: Social ,Emotional & Spiritual Health

  • Ikigai & Purpose
  • Blue Zones Dan Buettner Findings around longevity
  • Research around disease and disconnection
  • Managing Stress & its effect on the body & inflammation
  • Cultivating a Spiritual Practice – What is Mindfullness
  • Journalling
  • Affirmations
  • EFT
  • Exercise & Stress
  • Meditation
  • Biohacking Stress

Finishing with an introduction to epigenetics, taking control of your future health and wellbeing through PH360, we will conduct a Quick Measure to determine your phenotype and give everyone a glimpse of how our PH360 epigenetics program can inform your journey to health and wellbeing



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