Capping Show Auditions

Capping Show Auditions

be part of the 125th Capping Show!

Want to be part of the 125th capping Show?! Whether you are interested in acting, writing or being part of our backstage crew, auditions are for you!

A comedy to celebrate another year studying, partying and all round fun! Capping Show is a long tradition of poking fun at ya mates, fellow students, and the melodramatic doom we all face when sitting in the libaray with 3 assignments due last week and an exam in an hour.This year we delve into Lord of the Degrees - An epic pursuit of balence in grades and beer pong. Come along and provoke some laughs, laugh at other funny people and have a bit of fun!

No preparation needed. Humour prefered.

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Saturday 2nd March 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Union Hall University of Otago