Sustainable Shopping Tips

Sustainable Shopping Tips

Sustainablility during the pandemic 


All shops are now open and available. Check out there websites for ways to shop. Some shops are not accepting reusables. 

  • Veggie Boys

  • Taste Nature

  • Bin Inn

Before you go to the shop try to use all your food to reduce food waste and have some whacky meals. Go check out this blog for some awesome ideas for left overs;  https://ivaluefood.com/resources/cooking-eating/creative-ways-to-use-leftovers/  

Purchase fruit and veg in your own bags or loose but make sure to wash the items when you get home and put the bag in the wash. You can buy a set of 3 bags for $7 

Turn fresh fruit and vegetable into frozen by cooking in a pot water till slightly soft and freeze in old plastic bags this saves buying frozen veg in plastic bags and is a good use of fresh produce.  


Buy what you can in cans, which can be washed well on purchase and after using and going in the bin 

Choose glass, paper or aluminium options over plastic.

Recycling is now being collected! This is what CAN go in the bins: 

Rigid Plastics

  • Soft drink and water bottles, salad domes, biscuit trays, detergent bottles, squeezy bottles, fruit punnets, fruit juice bottles, household cleaners and vitamin containers.

  • Milk bottles, sunscreen bottles, shampoo bottles, dishwashing powder containers, liquid soap containers

  • Dip containers, ice cream containers tubs, margarine containers, plastic plates, cups, large yoghurt containers and cutlery.

Paper and cardboard recycling

  • Newspaper, letters, envelopes, magazines, receipts, egg trays, telephone books, wrapping paper, advertising material, toilet roll inners, flattened boxes and cartons.

Cans and Tins

  • Aluminium tins and cans, steel tins and cans, aluminium trays and foil, aerosol cans, metal pie trays, foil.


Can be taken to Green Island and dropped off for a small fee. Or take it to TechCollect, which is a FREE national recycling service available is exclusively at OfficeMax Retail Stores.

Other goods

Second hand stores, are now open, some are not collecting clothing. 


If need any more tips go here: http://therubbishtrip.co.nz/thoughts-and-musings/reducing-your-recycling-stockpile-while-in-covid-19-lockdown/