Each year OUSA allocates a proportion of its budget to assist affiliated clubs and individual students with specified projects.

If you are interested in applying for a grant start with reading the OUSA Grants PolicyOUSA Grants Criteria, previous grants approved. This will give you a good idea of your eligibility, the overall process, what we have funded in the past and what you might be entitled to.

If you have any queries or concerns we strongly suggest you contact our Clubs Development Officer prior to applying.

Grants Due Dates: 

28th February - Grant Round 1 Closes 5pm

6th April - Grant Round 2 Close 5 pm

11th May - Grant Round 3 Closes 5 pm

15th June - Grant Round 4 Closes 5 pm

27th July - Grant Round 5 Closes 5 pm

31st August - Grant Round 6 Closes 5 pm

28th September - Grant Round 7 Closes 5 pm

2nd November - Grant Round 8 Closes 5 pm


You (or your club) may be eligible for funding outside of OUSA. This could include sources like the University of Otago, Lottery, the Crown, the council or community trusts. Sport NZ has a great search tool for potential funding opportunities. We encourage you to use this.


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