How can we help?

How can we help?

How can we help?

After 130 years the OUSA Student Support team are well in the know, and in a position to help across all student needs! The team work together with you proactively and effectively to find solutions to support you through anything life may throw at you. We are independent from the university, and have a unique team of highly trained professionals, but the kind of highly trained professionals who still understand everything about student life. We are not just an information service and go beyond just answers. Our peer support network is also a great resource on hand to support fellow students


We can help across anything academic including:

  • special consideration
  • course concerns
  • academic misconduct (plagiarism)
  • withdrawals or deferrals
  • Class Reps
  • placement concerns



Need help getting on your own two feet financialy? We can help you get those budgets up and running so that managing money becomes way easier.

We also help with:

  • Studylink
  • WINZ or IRD
  • free food bank packs
  • access to hardship grants or emergency funds



Flatting can be pretty daunting at times. We are here to help with anything from your landlord and tenancy issues, right through to flat issues like mould and moisture, cooking and cleaning, and even bothersome flatmates!



Life is about more than just studying and we recognise this.

Problems sleeping, healthy eating, life stress getting you down? we take a holistic view and are here to help.

We also provide access to counselling and a safe space when things are getting too much. nothing is off limitssexual violence, harassement, family issues, you name it we are here to help and everything is confidential.

Our resident support dog is also available for love and hugs when you just want some quiet spaceor you are missing your own pooch at home.



If you ever find yourself at a disadvantage or need to be better informed, we are here to help.

Our team can assist you in dealing with

  • Proctors Office
  • making an ethical behaviour complaint
  • assist with mediation/conflict resolution
  • consumer guarentees
  • leave to appeal
  • generally anything you can throw at us


Queer Support

We want Otago to have the most inclusive campus in Aotearoa, and the world. Our Queer Support Coordinator is available for one on one support. We also offer resources, groups, and training/professional development to staff and students.