How can we help?

How can we help?

How can we help?

OUSA Student Support Centre's Advocates have extensive knowledge of student issues, University procedures and appropriate courses of action.  In addition, we have a dedicated group of volunteer peer supporters, who are available to support their fellow students.


We can help you with information to navigate you through whatever issue you're facing - flatting disputes, academic grievances, harassment complaints, etc. 

The process we follow is student led; so while we give you information and tell you about the formal procedures that are typically followed, we will help you to weigh up your options so that you can decide on your course of action. 

You can feel confident about sharing your problems with our advocates because we keep your information and stories confidential. 

If you want to come in to vent, for a quick chat, or for something more in-depth we will be happy to talk to you. And, if we can't help you directly we will know who can. 

Come in and see us or email us: help@ousa.org.nz