Lost Property

Lost Property

Lost Property

Finding your lost property

Everything that comes in gets entered into our computer data base. The computer then tells us what came in, when, from where and, most importantly, where it is stored. There's also a description of the item recorded. We then put a numbered tag on the item and store it.

Is all lost property at OUSA?

Apart from ID cards, which go to the ID card office, lots of lost property on campus comes to us... eventually. It pays to check with us and also the place you lost the item.

How long do you wait before selling the stuff?

We do have the occasional sale, but we hold most lost property for a minimum of a month. (We hold some items for shorter periods, such as drink bottles, and some for longer if they are valuables). After this time, we are able to sell it. The proceeds are donated to the capping charity for the year.

What if OUSA has sold it?

What happens if you don't come in for your lost property within three months and we've sold it? We do our utmost to find owners of things before we put them up for sale. If you have a problem, please discuss it with us; the optimum outcome for us if for you to have your lost stuff returned.

How to have your items returned to you as soon as you lose them

Name your stuff!

Lost something?

Lost Property is located at OUSA Main Office, 640 Cumberland Street. We are open 9AM to 4.30PM weekdays.