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Committee Roles

Committee Roles

Club committee roles are essential for a club's success. They provide structure, organization, and accountability, ensuring that your club can effectively serve all members and achieve your goals. By working together, committee members create a strong foundation for your club to thrive!


All OUSA affiliated Clubs and Societies are required to have these three elected officers, each responsible for different roles:

  1. President: Leads the committee and represents the organization. They play a crucial role in guiding the club and ensuring its success.
  2. Treasurer: Responsible for managing the organization's finances and keeping them in good shape, handling budgeting, financial records and reporting.
  3. Secretary: Takes care of the administrative tasks within the club, managing important documentation, maintains records, and handles communication.

Some examples of possible additional roles that contribute to specific areas:

  • Wellness Officer: This officer is dedicated to the well-being and mental health of club members. They promote a positive and supportive environment within the club, organizing wellness activities and providing resources for members.
  • Health & Safety Coordinator: This role focuses on promoting best practices to ensure the safety of club members and minimize any potential risks or injuries.
  • Marketing and Promotions Officer: This officer handles the publication and distribution of publicity materials, helping to raise awareness and promote the club's activities. Similarly your club could have a Social Media Manager role (or include it as part of marketing/promotions), which would manage the club's social media presence, engaging with followers and promoting club events and activities online.
  • Event Coordinator: The go-to person for planning, organizing, and making sure their club's events run smooth but are also fun! Their creativity and organizational skills can play an important part in shaping club's social calendars.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for managing all aspects of volunteering within the club, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for volunteers.
  • Funding & Sponsorship Coordinator: This officer identifies potential sources of funding and sponsorship opportunities to meet the club's specific needs.
  • Vice President: The vice president supports the president in their role and assists with various club responsibilities. They often step in for the president when needed and contribute to decision-making.

Each officer should have their specialized role functions, duties, and powers as outlined in your club's constitution. It's important that all officers within your committee have a general duty to act in the group's best interest and exercise their responsibilities with care. 

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