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Workshops | Learn More

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Training Courses 2022

There will be clubs specific training courses offered at Clubs & Socs throughout the year... keep an eye out for options! 

Re-Active Support

The CDO has an open-door policy (pending availability). We will do our best to help you at short notice, though a heads-up makes for a more productive meeting. 

Custom Training 

Given notice, our CDO can offer one-on-one or group training in various fields of club administration. 

Te Whare Tāwharau

TWT is the first centre of its kind in Aotearoa/New Zealand and was created to provide support and prevention services to our campus community, offering a range of courses available to staff and students.  Specific courses can be amended to suit your club's needs.  For more information and how this can benefit your club, contact Ruthie Holmes, Engagement Coordinator.

Workshop: HYBRID

Duration: 2 hours

HYBRID has been designed for student leaders around the University and brings in the key elements of the “Bringing in The Bystander” and “Responding to Disclosures”. It is designed to empower participants to be effective bystanders in their communities. It teaches you how to recognise potentially harmful situations and how you can intervene safely. As leaders within the student community we also want to prepare you with skills on how to respond if someone discloses their experiences of sexual violence. We will cover the statistics on sexual violence in our community, common reactions to sexual violence and we will give you some practical tools to use if someone discloses their experience of Sexual Violence to you.


Workshop: Bringing in the Bystander

Duration: 4 hours (can be delivered in 2 x 2-hour sessions)

Bringing in the bystander is designed to empower participants to be effective bystanders in their communities. It teaches you how to recognise when a situation is potentially dangerous and how you can intervene safely in situations in your life. This program is discussion based. You will learn through real-life examples, to contextualise the different ways you can intervene, depending on the situation you’re in. You’ll also work through scenarios so you feel comfortable responding effectively if similar situations occur in your life.


Workshop: Flip the Script

Duration: 12 hours (4 x 3-hour sessions or 2x 6 hour sessions)

Flip the script is a workshop series which is evidenced based sexual violence prevention for women. It is delivered in a safe and inclusive environment where you will learn to identify the warning signs of sexual violence and coercion, explore and expand your understandings and beliefs about relationships, sexuality, and sexual violence, and learn practical physical techniques that can be used to resist sexual violence.


Workshop: CommUNIty102

Duration: 90-minutes

In CommUNIty102 we work to unpack and better understand consent and what relationships look like at uni. We will look at relationships, community and think about how alcohol fits in to all that. This is a workshop that looks different depending on the values of each group. This means you will be able to use the skills and info you learn in the workshop in your own community, making it safer for everyone.There is time set aside to look at consent in legal terms so that everyone is on the same page with what is illegal and what we mean when we say consent. This is the foundation that we will build from as we consider relationships here at uni.