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Workshops | Learn More

The OUSA Club's Development Officer operates with an open-door policy at Clubs & Soc's to support you when you need it (pending availability, of course). It's always best if you can give us a heads-up in advance - but even if it's short notice, we'll still do our best to assist you. Just reach out, and we're ready to help!

In addition to regular ongoing support - Clubs & Socs will be offering some training courses throughout the year. Some examples are:

Financial Training

Dunedin Community Accounting is a free, volunteer service for non-profits, who's main goal is to assist with any accounting questions you may have, regardless of their size or complexity. During sessions, you have the opportunity to meet with student volunteers who can answer your accounting questions and provide guidance.

DCA holds sessions every week, and you can book a free session by calling, emailing, or booking online.

Whether you need help setting a budget, handling your annual accounts, or simply maintaining good records, DCA can help you find the answers you need.


Te Whare Tāwharau - Sexual Violence Support and Prevention Centre

 Te Whare Tāwharau(TWT) is a unique center in Aotearoa/New Zealand that focuses on providing support and prevention services to our campus community. They facilitate a variety of prevention programs to different groups on campus with HYBRID being offered to OUSA Clubs and Societies.

HYBRID (Helping You the Bystander Respond, Intervene and Disclosure) is a workshop developed for student leaders around the University. The workshop is designed to empower students to be effective bystanders in their communities by learning to recognise potentially harmful situations and knowing how to intervene safely. HYBRID also prepares students to respond appropriately to a disclosure of sexual harm. HYBRID highlights the support survivors can get on campus but the skills you will learn will be relevant for your future too.  


If you'd like more information on HYBRID contact their Student Engagement Coordinator