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Otago University Chinese Students' Association

Otago University Chinese Students' Association

Otago University Chinese Students' Association (OUCSA) is an official Chinese Students' Association established by the University of Otago in New Zealand. Its members include University Chinese community and international friends who love Chinese culture.

Since its establishment, OUCSA has been sticking to its original aspiration and adhering to the purpose of serving students, carrying out a variety of comprehensive activities in the fields of entertainment, social interaction, academic and employment development, serving the local student community and carrying out cultural communication.

At the same time, OUCSA and the local Chinese community jointly hold the Mid-Autumn festival and National Day gala every year.

We also have a deep connection with the international Department of the university to promote domestic exhibitions in the post-epidemic era, provide positive feedback, answer questions for students, and regularly mutiple kinds of activities to adapt to the current learning environment.

We welcome all friends who love Chinese culture and want to know more about Chinese culture to join us. We are friendly, enthusiastic and tolerant. Let us work together to make the 2024 club more exciting.

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Email: contact@oucsa.onmicrosoft.com