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OUSA Futsal Club

OUSA Futsal Club

The OUSA Otago Futsal Club was formed in 2015. The club has the objective of bringing the Futsal culture into Otago University Dunedin as well as provide entertainment to all students interested in this phenomenal indoor soccer/football. Since then the club has been growing a lot with more than 200 students, casual players, and lectures around the university.

In 2022 we are hoping to take our club to a whole new level where we will compete against other universities and will begin to form new teams to compete against each other always striving for growth. 

Under this new direction we would like to invite you who appreciate Futsal, you who would like to have fun, you who want to compete to join us and become part of our club whichever interests you.  

We welcome everyone!!!!!

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Email: johnwoodall244@gmail.com