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OUSA Futsal Club

OUSA Futsal Club

The OUSA Futsal Club, founded in 2015, is dedicated to promoting futsal culture at the University of Otago in Dunedin. Our mission is to provide engaging and entertaining indoor soccer/football experiences to a diverse group of students and community members. Over the years, the club has thrived, now boasting a participation of over 600 students and casual players.

Our club organizes a range of events at Unipol and Edgar Centre, catering to both competitive players and those seeking a more casual experience. In addition to these events,we also compete in the Monday Night Leagues at Edgar Centre, which offers a more structured competitive environment.

Stay connected and informed about our events and activities by joining our Facebook group via the Facebook icon below, or by following us on Instagram to see highlights and updates—just click on the Instagram icon below!

We welcome everyone to join us and experience the excitement of futsal with the OUSA Futsal Club!

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Email: futsalclubousa@gmail.com

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