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A Renters Guide to Tenancy

A Renters Guide to Tenancy

Looking to try something new? Maybe get fit, or get creative? Whatever it is, we got you!


A Renters Guide to Tenancy


New to flatting? Want to be prepared and know your rights and responsibilities? OUSA Student Support is your one stop shop when it comes to all tenancy related matters, hear about the basics of flatting for your first time as well as all the ways in which Student Support can help you throughout your tenancy journey.

Bring your unsigned tenancy agreement along to get checked over and go in the draw to win a coffee machine!

Flatting is a wild ride, and for better or for worse, Student Support will be by your side.

Free session 

19th August 5pm - Evison Lounge - Clubs and Socs - Just show up!


No requirements, but we do suggest bringing your agreement and we can help you navigate it!



When you encounter flatting hiccups along the way, you are not alone, even though at times you may feel like it. You can always access support and guidance from the team at OUSA Student Support. We’re a diverse group of experienced and devoted individuals supporting students through just about anything life throws at them.