Meeting highlights


Meeting highlights

24 August 2010

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Meeting highlights

A lot of meaty stuff was discussed at this meeting - the GM told the Executive that while there's no specific requirement under the Charities Act for OUSA to hold student general meetings, the Constitution does need to be tidied up to properly reflect changes; the GM's contract is up for renewal, and a staffing committee was established around this; Art (International Students Officer) will tidy up loose ends and then resign; it was agreed OUSA put a motion to the next NZUSA conference to try to change the one-year notice period for withdrawal from NZUSA to three months. And volunteers were needed to assist a 'sit on the loo' day.


James Meager (Chair), Claire Jackson, Ros Mackenzie, Shonelle Eastwood, Imogen Roth, Ariana Te Wake, Dan Stride, Katie Bryan, Michael Anderson, Walker MacMurdo and Travis Monk

Stephen Alexander (General Manager), Julia Hollingsworth (Critic Reporter), Mike Bridges (Observer) and Donna Jones (Minute Secretary)

Harriet Geoghegan, Stephanie Reader and Art Kojarunchitt
Ariana for leaving early

Moved from the Chair
337/10 THAT the above apologies be accepted.

Moved from the Chair
338/10 THAT the minutes of the Executive Meeting held on 17 August 2010 be accepted as a true and correct record.

Clubs and Societies Rep - Motion 308/10 is a recommendation for next year.

Travis arrived at 5.23pm

339/10 THAT Stephen Alexander, Mike Bridges and Julia Hollingsworth be granted speaking rights for the duration of this meeting.

Andrew Wicken’s enquiry with the Companies Office – Stephen Alexander addressed the meeting to explain that under the Incorporated Societies Act clause 23-4a and 4b. OUSA has no specific obligations to hold student general meetings. Although, he agreed the present changes to the constitution and rules are a mess and the constitution needs to be tidied up as soon as possible.

Art Kojarunchitt’s absence – Art once again apologised for leaving New Zealand in a hurry. He would like to finalise his unfinished International Student Officer duties and then resign. James Meager has been taking care of the finances under the ISO portfolio. It was agreed he would furnish a report along with his resignation as he had been working hard up until his hasty departure.

Student Life BBQ’s – a letter requesting a reimbursement of $478.34 for sausages etc was attached. Some recollection of this was recalled, however nothing was sure. James and Donna will further investigate this.

Stephen Alexander addressed the meeting to explain that this committee was set up in previous years to deal with the General Manager position. The General Manager’s Employment Agreement is up for renegotiation on 13 September 2010. It is necessary for this committee to be established as there may be some changes to his job description required especially as it presently doesn’t include any political substance which he has been picking up this year. There were recommendations made to the Governance Structure Working Party to assist with operations and these haven’t been done.

340/10 THAT Harriet Geoghegan, Shonelle Eastwood, Claire Jackson and Daniel Stride be appointed to the Staffing Committee henceforth.

Tabled for further information.

A group of gentlemen had visited the office to gauge how OUSA could support their fundraising efforts.

It was said that OUSA were railroaded at the last conference and if you want to act on this issue it must be done asap. This would enable OUSA to make appropriate financial arrangements for their students should a system of voluntary student membership in its current proposed form be implemented.

The current 12 months notice to withdraw from NZUSA will hamstring associations into providing another year’s worth of levies which could prove the difference between survival and death of services on the association’s campuses.

This motion will be put at closing plenary at the next conference by one of OUSA’s chief delegates.

341/10 THAT the OUSA Executive give NZUSA the required one month’s notice on the proposed constitutional amendment motion “THAT section 9 (1) (b) be amended to read giving three (3) months notice in writing to the President at the Registered Office, if the period of membership of that Member is more than two years, and discharging all financial obligations to NZUSA at the date of termination taking effect.

Stephen Alexander informed the meeting of some executive members dabbling in some staffing areas and trying to micro manage; he would inform you right away if this continues.

Travis out at 5.53pm
Travis returned at 5.55pm

James suggested he would go through the proposed changes line by line and have questions.

• Extra $50,000 IN Professional Services was a change in Management Mode. Could be changes if VSM comes in and this would help avoid personal grievances.

Ariana left at 6.00pm

• A change in name from Brand Awareness and Marketing to Communications. Decrease of $100,000. This would mean OUSA proposed to have more directive engagement with our members next year instead of the suggested $100,000 giveaways.
• Spelling error of Administration to be fixed.
• Name change from Student General Meeting to Forums.

Imogen out at 6.30pm
Imogen returned at 6.32pm

It was revealed also that some staff wages were now included in the Communications line thus making up another increase of $112,000. This figure was sitting in the administration staff wages before and has been shifted to this area.

Michael left at 6.39pm
Michael returned at 6.42pm

Travis left at 6.42pm

Shonelle left at 6.43pm

• Executive Honoraria – Changes to reflect the reduction of 10 hour a week positions from 13 roles to 5. The ex-officio position of Te Roopu Maori (Tumuaki ) President is a new position, this payment is to compensation for attending Executive Meetings, Senate Meetings and sit on other committees. This will be outlined in the re-negotiated Memorandum of Understanding; also it is an obligation to the Treaty of Waitangi. Suggestion that this position should receive an honorarium of $1,000 per annum.

Travis returned at 6.45pm

Shonelle returned at 6.45pm

Walker left at 6.50pm
Walker returned at 6.52pm

• Incoming Executive honoraria – in the past this has been allocated to an incoming President who takes time off work over summer to learn the responsibilities and riles of the job. It is unlike that this will be used in 2011. This line needs clarification and criteria written up.
• The Travel and Expenditure line – this line has been disestablished and separated out into the General expenses and Executive Training line. A decrease here as it is far too expensive to travel and attend NZUSA Conferences in the North Island. It was considered that the Executive could receive better training at a local level. However, some said NZUSA Conference’s were a good immersion into student politics.

Ariana returned at 7.05pm

Katie left at 7.07pm
Katie returned at 7.10pm

• Executive General Expense line needs to be regulated as all sorts of arbitrary expenses are charged to this line. IE: Executive photographs, binding of Executive Minutes and copies of Critic

Dan left at 7.27pm
Dan returned at 7.29pm

The Meeting took a recess at 7.30pm for a dinner break
Meeting resumed at 7.45pm

• Subsidiary Companies – concerns about Planet Media loosing money however it was stressed they are a good service to our members. A need to protect editorial freedom.

Ros left at 7.54pm
Ros returned at 7.57pm

Walker left at 7.58pm
Walker returned at 7.59pm

• University Sport NZ Games – It isn’t financially viable for OUSA to remain members of USNZ. It has been questionable why OUSA is paying a large amount annually for about 140 students to attend the University Games. It appears to be cheaper for students to attend the Games if they aren’t members.

A suggestion was made to hold a referendum and obtain a formal opinion from the student body if they would like to remain members or not. However, for this years’ budget setting the time frame would be too tight.

NZUSA – Once again it was discussed about OUSA pulling out of NZUSA. It was agreed by the Executive that this is a matter for the student body as a whole to decide and a referenda could be held to gauge their opinions. Nonetheless, OUSA has to budget for full membership of NZUSA prior to any student body decision. In the meantime the first draft budget would reflect OUSA having full NZUSA membership.

OUSA should lean on NZUSA more and urge them to work harder for their constituents and our members. Some Executive members thought that it is good having a national body as our voice and a good influence.

Travis out at 8.41pm

Katie left at 8.42pm
Katie returned at 8.46pm

• Grants – It was agreed to increase this line as a good way to engage with our members and there are more grant applications now.

Shonelle left at 8.42pm
Shonelle returned at 8.46pm

• Levy – once again discussion took place about the increase of levies for 2011 and the model the executive gave direction on from the previous executive meeting held on 17 August.

Imogen left at 9.04pm
Imogen returned at 9.07pm

James is going to look into what fees other students’ associations charge their members and report back.

Walker left at 9.25pm
Walker returned at 9.27pm

Stephen Alexander and James Meager were congratulated on the very good operational contingency fund they developed.

The General Manager said it would be remiss of OUSA not to allow for capital savings.

It was requested that an expansive explanatory note accompany the budget when asking for submissions.

The budget and explanation will be posted on the OUSA Facebook page, the OUSA website and the Secretary will request a global email go out to all students asking them for feedback.

342/10 THAT the OUSA Executive approves the first draft of the 2011 budget and it be circulated to the student body for feedback.
Multiple Sclerosis fundraising - The Events Team are coordinating a ‘sit on the loo’ outside on the Union pavement area. Please check your emails and sign up to assist.

Meeting closed at 9.52pm

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