Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

20 May 2019

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Meeting Minutes




James Heath (Chair), Porourangi Templeton-Reedy, Bonnie Harrison, William Dreyer, Kerrin Robertson-Scanlon, Josh Smith, Georgia Mischefski-Gray, Jack Manning, Taylor Terekia, Mary Jane Kivalu and Dermot Frengley


Debbie Downs (Chief Executive Officer), Sinead Gill (Critic Reporter), Charlie Hilton (Critic Editor) and Donna Jones (Minute Secretary).


            Sabrina Alhady

            Dermot for lateness.

            Porourangi for leaving early.

            Moved from the Chair

188/19THAT the above apologies be accepted.

                                                                                                                        CARRIED U


            Moved from the Chair

189/19 THAT the minutes of the executive meeting held on 13 May 2019 be accepted as a true and correct record.

                                                                                                                        CARRIED U


The rally held went very well with about 80 in attendance. A very wholesome rally!  Taylor made a lovely speech and Andrew Rudolph’s singing was fabulous.

Pacific Island Mental Health campaign – James has been following this online.  Very good social media coverage.


            Nothing to report.


            Information will be covered in the next item of CEO first quarter report.


            Moved from the Chair

190/19 THAT the meeting move into committee of the whole for reasons of commercial sensitivity at 9.08am.

                                                                                                                        CARRIED U

            Jack left at 9.13am and returned at 9.14am

            Dermot arrived at 9.17am

            Moved from the Chair

191/19 THAT the meeting move out of committee of the whole at 9.45am.

                                                                                                                        CARRIED U

            Moved from the Chair

192/19 THAT the Chief Executive Officers’ confidential first quarter report be received.

                                                                                                                        CARRIED U


193/19 THAT the following questions be put to the Referendum being held from 9am – 4pm 28 – 30 May 2019.                                                                           Yes/No

Compulsory Questions


  1. Should the Otago University Students’ Association Annual Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2018 be received and accepted?


Reasoning: Each year the OUSA has its financial statements audited and published. This is a legal requirement. It also allows all students to see where their money has gone and what assets students hold. Attached are the Annual Audited Financial Statements.


  1. Should the Otago University Students’ Association Annual Report for 2018 be received and accepted?


Reasoning: The OUSA President has to write out an annual report every year outlining how the organisation has functioned with them at the helm. It is a Constitutional requirement. Attached is the Annual Report for 2018 from the 2018 OUSA President.


Student Submited Questions


Binding Questions


Should s5.7 and s6.2(c) of the Constitution be amended, so that ordinary members cannot be expelled, leaving only the option for Life Members to be  expelled from the Association and not ordinary members, by making the following changes;


"The student body may expel a person life member from the Association by a Special Resolution at a Student General Meeting


"To expel a member life member from the Association."


Reasoning: A student is a member of OUSA by virtue of being a student (and through their own choice). Expelling a student - depriving them of representation against their will - is against the principles of OUSA, and likely inconsistent with the current VSM legislation, which makes Association membership an individual choice. By contrast, a life member is only a member of OUSA through Executive courtesy, and are not being represented as such.


Non-Binding Questions


  1. Should OUSA run a competition for the design of a sign for The Zoo to be placed at the top of The Zoo stand at Forsyth Barr Stadium?


Reasoning: There is no large sign anywhere that indicates that the stand is the zoo! I think it would be a really cool idea to run a competition with the best design voted by students online to be made into a large sign that has a perfect spot for it in between the two Mitre 10 Mega banners.


  1. Should OUSA increase the Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF) to provide free breakfasts every weekday?

Reasoning: OUSA used to offer free breakfasts for every University day of the week. Now it is only Wednesday. We feel it is sorely missed, and seek to know whether students would be ok with their student services fee being used to pay for reinstating free breakfasts.

  1. Should OUSA leave NZUSA?

Reasoning: OUSA spends $46,000 per annum of student money on membership fees for NZUSA (New Zealand Union of Student Associations – the national body of student associations). We pay more than most student associations. Students deserve a chance to say whether they feel their money is being used on something they value and benefit from.

  1.  Should OUSA open the Hyde Street party to first-year students?

Reasoning: Some have described the distinction between first and second year students in the context of Hyde to be unfair. I wish to canvas the student body in the righteous name of egalitarianism.

  1. Should OUSA attempt to buy the Marsh Study Centre off the University and turn it back into the Gardens Tavern (aka Gardies)?


Reasoning: I wish I got to experience the atmosphere at Gardies and it’s a real shame that the uni destroyed such an integral part of scarfie culture. Gardies was arguably the Mecca of student culture and I wish it could return to its former glory.


  1.  Should OUSA attempt to buy the University’s Frederick St offices and turn the building back into the Bowling Green Tavern (aka The Bowler)?


Reasoning: Same as above for the Bowler as it along with Gardies and the Cook, they were by far the three most iconic student pubs in Dunedin and New Zealand.


  1. Should OUSA investigate the establishment of an OUSA Ombudsman, to neutrally investigate complaints against the Executive?


Reasoning: No Confidence enables the removal of individual executive members, but there is no means for individuals with a grievance against the Executive as a whole to have complaints properly investigated. An Ombudsman - after the manner of the independent arbitrator in OUSA Elections - would rectify this, though the detailed framework and cost would have to be worked out via policy.


  1. Should OUSA invest in solar panel installations on the roofs of its buildings to decrease power bills, free up funds for further capital investment, and reduce the building’s carbon footrprint?


Reasoning: Climate change is ever increasing problem and everyone can play their part in mitigating its effects. I believe that OUSA could set an excellent precedent here for not only the University but other businesses and property owners as well.


  1. Should OUSA lobby the University to install more solar panels on its buildings and residential colleges?


Reasoning: If the OUSA can’t invest in solar itself, it would be great to see the association lobby for the University to increase its solar capacity and work torwards becoming a carbon neutral campus.


  1. That OUSA lobby the University for longer Mid-semester and Winter breaks.


Reasoning: Allows students a proper respite from their studies to promote their physical and mental health. 


  1.  Should OUSA, in principle, support the restoration of meaningful policy-making powers to Student General Meetings, and direct the Executive to devise appropriate constitutional changes to give effect to this?


Reasoning: Student General Meetings allow debate and active student participation in a way that Referenda do not. Restoring policy-making decisions to SGMs arguably makes for better policy decisions on complicated questions, and provides an incentive for students to actually attend SGMs


  1. That OUSA lobby the University for more exchange scholarships.


Reasoning: Promotes a global perspective in the student community.


  1.  Should OUSA expand the Hyde St Party to increase capacity?


Reasoning: While 3600 people seems like a lot, there are still hundreds if not thousands of people that miss out on Hyde st tickets and yet it is puzzling to see photos and videos depicting a pretty much empty street with a few hundred people gathered in the centre!


  1.  Should OUSA set up a subsidiary company to invest in flats in North Dunedin as a way to diversify revenue streams and offer students a fair and reliable flatting option?


Reasoning: Landlords and property managers aren’t always reliable and fair and I’m sure the student population would welcome OUSA’s investment not only for their upkeep, but for their fairness in weekly rent and communication with tenants.


  1. That OUSA bring back their free flu jabs programme.


Reasoning: Would assist with student wellbeing.


  1.  Should OUSA lobby the University to discontinue coal-fired boilers currently used at some residential colleges for heating?


Reasoning: I find it pretty crazy that many colleges still rely on coal as a source of fuel for heating, it would be great to see OUSA push the University clean up its act and install energy efficient and clean heating systems, saving money while they’re at it.


  1.  Should OUSA be actively looking into buying property for another student pub to further diversify and increase revenue streams, and to offer students another safe drinking environment?


Reasoning: A large chunk of Otago student culture has disappeared over the years with numerous student pubs being bought by the uni or losing their liquor license and selling off. It would be awesome to see OUSA take ownership of another venue and keep it in student hands, owned by students, run by students to protect what is truly unique to Dunedin – the Student pub.


  1.  Should OUSA fund and support the creation of a student owned and run micro-brewery and shop in North Dunedin?


Reasoning: This would be a really cool idea adding to the ‘owned by students, run by students’ idea. I’m sure the Brewers Association (OUBA) would be very keen on this and it could be another new revenue stream for OUSA while also providing students with a cheaper, homegrown option when pruchasing alcohol.


  1.  Should OUSA lobby DCC for a safer crossing option across Albany Street?


Reasoning: The number of students making a hurried and unsafe dash across Albany Street in front of the clubs and socs building is untenable; it is only a matter of time before someone is injured. Despite a crossing being available further up the street, appropriate road safety should actively address what actually happens. People will always take the shortest route and the roads around the University should consider pedestrians too. OUSA, as student representatives, should act in student interests to ensure safe travel to university.

  1. That OUSA lobby the University to observe tenancy law for UniFlats around giving notice before entering.


Reasoning: Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is all cool.

  1. Should OUSA lobby to have majors/minors printed on graduation certificates?

Reasoning: A popular request from students is that their graduation certificate notes their chosen field of study, as degree programmes are increasingly flexible and generic (Arts, Science and Commerce can include many, many different fields of study). Majors/minors should be displayed in a place of pride.

  1.  Should OUSA lobby University Union to exclusively use biodegradable materials for their cafes and eateries?

Reasoning: The University can and should lead the way with sustainable consumption. Students frequently choose to take away their food from campus eateries due to their lifestyle of being constantly on the go. Alongside biodegradable packaging, the University should provide well-signed receptacles for the biodegradable rubbish.

  1.  Should OUSA lobby the University to start a residential recycling centre for students in Dunedin North?

Reasoning: The University should be doing all it can to make sustainable living accessible for students. A refuse centre based in the student residential bloc would build off the environmental values instilled in students' primary and high school curriculum. It would serve to tidy the streets of Dunedin North and bridge any gap between students and Council collection days.

  1.  Should OUSA lobby the University to restrict the booking of student spaces to student-only purposes?

Reasoning: Our Main Common Room, Union Hall, Clubs building, and other student spaces are often cordoned off from student usage due to being sold off to an often-corporate third party to use for their own purposes. I believe this is a perversion of the point of student spaces and should be restricted to student-based activity.

  1.  Should OUSA provide every new student with a bus card?

Reasoning: This initiative started and ended in 2015 and saw hundreds of thousands of student fares. A bus card currently costs $5 to purchase.

  1.  Should OUSA endorse candidates in the 2019 Local Body Elections?

Reasoning: OUSA has a duty to advocate for students, and to transform good candidates into good councillors through vote promotion. Endorsing candidates outright is a more political move than entertaining all candidates equally, but not all candidates are made equal.

  1.  Should Critic produce more video content for online platforms?

Reasoning: Media increasingly resides online. Critic has an opportunity to explore new horizons and upskill their workers in a new and exciting field.

  1.  Should Radio One be played in more campus spaces?

Reasoning: Radio One DJs put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their programming. Radio listenership across the world dies as other mediums swell. Should OUSA not promote the quirky, boutique novelty that is Radio One?

  1.  Should OUSA lobby for unrestricted Wi-fi access on campus?

Reasoning: The University Wi-fi system has restrictions on social media, pornography, and miscellaneous sites like TradeMe. Students are of an age and level of independence where they ought to have unrestricted access to the internet.

  1.  Should OUSA continue to lobby the University and Private residential colleges to offer discounted rent to Residential Assistants, so that their pay will entirely cover accommodation costs?

Reasoning: The university has already increased the discount they give to RA’s from $10 to $60 this year – I want to gauge interest in lobbying them to further increase this discount through potentially an MoU, where the discount will increase each year until it fully covers the cost of accommodation.

  1.  Should OUSA oppose the sale of Selwyn College by the Dunedin Diocesan Trust to the University?

Reasoning: There is a large group of people in the Selwyn College community, both current and past residents that are strongly opposed to the sale of Selwyn College to the University. This group are concerned about this sale as we fear the University is not in a position to maintain what the Diocese refers to as “the special character of the College”. These fears are in part due to a lack of meaningful consultation from the Selwyn College community. This sale could result in the reduction or removal of positions available for returning residents, jeopardising this “special character” and resulting in the erosion of decade old traditions that make Selwyn such a desirable college to attend. These actions would also jeopardise the strength of Selwyn College’s alumni network, a major source of community and at times funding for the college.

  1.  That OUSA lobby Lime for discounted fares. 


Reasoning: Lime promotes convenient and environmentally friendly transport and publicises OUSA via a display of their iconic green branding. Discounted fares would help students reduce their carbon footprint.


  1.  That OUSA lobby Lime to not cut off at midnight.


Reasoning: Late night Limes facilitate safety for those walking home late at night.


  1.  That OUSA hold a competition to see who can eat the most limes (the fruit, not the vehicle).


Reasoning: Key in preventing scurvy in the student community.


  1.  That OUSA lobby the University for there to be more books in the library.


Reasoning: This would promote Otago’s valuable physical resources and insure that niche research topics are not overlooked. Also I have read all the books.


  1.  That OUSA lobby the DCC to oppose the recent expansion of paid-parking in the student area.


Reasoning: The proposal negatively affects many residential dwellings in the student area who would have to pay to park their cars outside their houses. 


  1. That OUSA change their colour from green to orange.


Reasoning: OUSA green is an unappealing colour that hurts OUSA’s brand. Orange is a very cool colour.

                                                                                                            CARRIED U



            There needs to be clarification in the club committee section of the constitution.

194/19 THAT the University of Otago Pacific Islands Students’ Association be affiliated to OUSA with the above amendment.




195/19 THAT OUSA supports the Interdivisional Degrees qualifications as proposed by the             Interdivisional Degrees Working Group.



It was explained policy allows the notice period to be waived if the motion is passed unanimously or by special resolution.


196/19 THAT the Student General Meeting Engagement Committee terms of reference be set.


            James informed the meeting he has been working on proposed amendments to the OUSA constitution and rules. He has sent it around to previous executive members, life members and others for consultation.  He desires internal and external feedback as he wants to be super diligent with this.


            Moved from the Chair

197/19 THAT the Secretary be directed to call a Student General Meeting on Thursday 1 August 2019 at noon (12pm).

                                                                                                                        CARRIED U


There were some suggested dates in September for the Executive to consider, they will be finalised at the next executive meeting.



198/19 THAT the minutes from the Education Committee meeting held on 10 May 2019 be received.



Referendum – advertising and planning underway.  There will be incentives for voting.

Josh left at 10.11am

Local Body ElectionsWilliam reminded the Executive to sign up to the BBQ roster.

School strike for climate change – There is a meeting this evening at 4.30pm.  Georgia said she will try and attend on behalf of the Exec.  Bonnie to be informed of any marketing from this meeting so she can follow up with OUSA Marketing and Comm’s department to advertise it on our Facebook or website.

Executive meeting time change – meetings will now commence at 9.15am until further notice.


Meeting closed at 10.15am



Signed: ___________________________________                        Date: _________