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Equipment & Van Hire

Equipment & Van Hire

The Clubs and Societies Centre has an assortment of equipment and amenities that can be hired within the centre. This includes:

This equipment must be used within the centre.For more information on the above items please contact the Clubs and Societies Centre.

Affiliated Clubs also have access to equipment that can be borrowed and used off-site.  The borrower will be liable for any damages.

  • Portable BBQ and Gas Bottle
  • First Aid Kit
  • Mobile Phone Gimbal
  • Marquee (3x4.5m)
  • PA System & Microphone
  • Projector
  • Trestle Tables
  • Folding Chairs
  • A Frame Whiteboard
  • 9 Seater OUSA Van

You can book these items by calling Clubs on Socs 03 479 5960 or soon clubs will be able to request via the new Clubs Portal.  

Recreation Services/Unipol also have their own equipment available for hire. This includes snow and ski gear, general outdoor equipment, aquatic gear like wetsuits and surfboards and a bunch of other stuff. Click here for more info.

OUSA Clubs & Socs Van Hire Information – Only available to book for OUSA Affiliated Clubs & Societies

To request to use of the OUSA, 2017, Silver Ford Transit Van can be made through the Clubs Portal. You can expect to hear back from the Reception Coordinator within 5 working days, we will require a meeting to discuss the terms and conditions of our van hire, and this is to be done well in advance. Note, booking requests must come from the club's president. This helps with accountability and transparency.


Allocation of Bookings

  • We have one van and 150 clubs. We cannot accommodate all requests that come in.
  • Each club is eligible for up to three preferred bookings in the calendar year, pending availability.
  • It's always best to have a plan b, even if your bookings have been confirmed. There will be unforeseen instances (out of our control) where the van becomes unavailable e.g. reactive maintenance or special requirements post an accident. Where this occurs we are not in a position to financially compensate any additional charges you might face, organizing an alternative vehicle.
  • Outside of preferred bookings, you can request one-off bookings, one month out from the required date.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS ALCOHOL TO BE CONSUMED IN (OR ADJACENT TO) THE VAN. As per the OUSA Club Conduct Policy, all events associated with a Club must not have alcohol consumption as a primary focus or intention. And, OUSA assets must be protected and respected. Groups who ignore this rule will have their booking privileges revoked.
  • The van has 9 seats, is automatic, and is fuelled by diesel.
  • Costs for the van are reviewed annually. OUSA does not profit from van charges but it does need to cover expenses relating to van upkeep.
  • Current costs are $120 per day, or $60 per four hour period (minimum charge) PLUS .27 cents per km where the distance is less than 40km (or .16 cents where the distance is over 40km).
  • You'll be invoiced after the hire and expected to pay within one month of receiving that invoice.
  • The van hire agreement all terms and conditions, though we do want to point out that in order to drive our van the driver/s need to have held their full license for 2 years minimum. We strongly recommend those who have never driven a van before, do not drive our van.
  • Van use is reserved for operations relating to affiliated clubs and societies only.
  • There will also now be a minimum hire fee of $60.00 for clubs i.e. they might only need for 2 hours, but they will be charged for four. This is to cover the administration that goes along with offering the service. This is common practice among other businesses in Dunedin (except their minimum tends to be for 1 day).
  • As most clubs are not legal entities, our van hire agreement is between a singular member (of an affiliated club or society) and OUSA. This means the individual who fills out and signs the agreement accepts all liability. This is a big deal and not to be skimmed over.
  • Prior to approving a van hire request, an in-person meeting must be held with the Clubs & Socs Reception and Service Coordinator. This is to briefly go over the contract, to clarify you understand what's expected of you.