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We ask clubs to re-affiliate every year. To ensure the handover of the club to the incoming executive is successful, and we, OUSA, have the correct contact details for the club. This also allows the 2022 executive to avoid the paperwork at the beginning of the year, and focus on planning and events.  Remember, in order to access regular room bookings, clubs day, equipment hire, grants you need to be affiliated to OUSA.


On re-affiliation, we ask clubs to update the following key information:



  • All clubs will be required to now hold their AGM before the 29th of November this year.  Sufficient notice must be given to all members in accordance with your constitution at which time an Agenda should be accessable. In Red or Orange settings, it may be tricker for you to arrange an in-person AGM. Don't fret, you can hold it digitally, given that you observe (as much as practically possible) your constitutional requirements.
  • You must meet Quorum to hold your AGM, outlined in your constitution
  • Presidents Report to be read and included in the Minutes.
  • Annual Financial Report to be read and included in the Minutes.Template Available Here
  • Elect in new officers following the procedure outlined in our AGM Minutes Template. Voting can be a ballot or show of hands unless stipulated in your constitution. 
  • Approve and minute any changes to your constitution.
  • Upload your minutes into the clubs portal.
  • Need a refresher on meeting slang and information?  Click here 

What is quorum? Quorum is the minimum number of members who must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business in the name of the group.

Information regarding starting a clubs bank account can be found here.



  • If you make changes to your constitution – please make sure you minute these changes in your AGM minutes. Most Constitutional changes will need ratification from the OUSA executive. To help simplify this process please track or highlight the changes you'd like to make with supporting commentary as a comment.
  • Upload your constitution into the club's portal. 
  • If your club does not need to make any changes to its constitution – don’t stress, you don’t need to do anything other than re-affiliate.

What is a constitution? A Constitution is a legally-binding document of fundamental principles to which an organisation is governed. It covers membership, officers, rules, responsibilities, meetings and the clubs purpose. It is important your constitution is kept updated and relevant.


Clubs Portal

  • New Exec – please complete the Membership Registration process with your club.
  • Upload your:
    • AGM Minutes
    • Annual Financial Report
    • Constitution (if updated at AGM) 
    • Club Details – about, email, facebook etc.
    • Current Officers details
    • Locker Access List – only those on the list will gain access to the clubs locker
    • Members List
  • Read the OUSA Affiliation Policy.
  • Click ‘request re-affiliation’ in the clubs portal once complete.
  • Email cdo@ousa.org.nz if you are having any problems or need assistance


  • Minimum of 10 members with 90% of your total membership being University or Polytechnic students.
  • Names and ID numbers are required, and to be achived at the end of each year after re-affilliation ready for the following year of Membership Registration.  
  • Current/active members ONLY – please make sure this is up to date… you can now ask your 2022 members to complete the Membership Registration of your clubs page of the OUSA website.  

For more information about re-affiliation click here