Clubs and Societies




All clubs will be required to now hold their AGM before November this year. 


We ask clubs to re-affiliate every year, to ensure the handover of the club to the incoming executive is successful, and we, OUSA, have the correct contact details for the club. This also allows the 2023 club executive to avoid the paperwork at the beginning of the year, and focus on planning and events.  

Remember, in order to access regular room bookings, clubs day, equipment hire, grants you need to be affiliated to OUSA.


  1. AGM
  2. Update Clubs Portal 
  3. Request Re-Affiliation 
  4. Wait for approval from Clubs Development Officer



  • Sufficient notice must be given to all members, in accordance with your constitution, at which time an Agenda should be accessible. If it is tricky to arrange an in-person AGM, don't fret, you can hold it digitally, given that you observe your constitutional requirements.
  • You must meet Quorum to hold your AGM (outlined in your constitution). All attendees must be documented (and list must correspond to the members list in the clubs portal)
  • A Presidents Report is to be read and included in the Minutes. This should include what was great and what was not so great this year.
  • An Annual Financial Report to be prsented by the Treasurer and included in the Minutes. Template Available Here Also including any event budgets or additional account information.
  • Election of new committee following the procedure outlined in our AGM Minutes Template. Voting can be a ballot or show of hands unless stipulated in your constitution.
  • An updated Asset Register presented and minuted. Full list of club assets and the value with depreciation.
  • Minute who will be the new signatories on the club bank account. Template available here
  • Discuss, approve and minute any changes to your constitution (all clubs will have an updated constitution this year).
  • Discuss membership fees and potential costs for next year. 
  • Discuss, brainstorm and plan next years events. Please consider contingency plans if ticket sales are low for large events, don't over promice and under deliver! 
  • Advise the incoming committee of their to-do list:
    • Check Club email account, including junk folders daily
    • How the Clubs Portal works 
    • Training available to members and committees - TWT, Mental Health and Wellbeing, DCA
    • Attend Clubs Welcome
    • The Social Club
    • Affiliated Clubs Council Representative
    • Join the Affiliated Clubs Facebook Page
    • Watch training videos available
    • How to do a Grant application
    • Event planning and management
  • General Business
  • If your club is an Incorporated Society, there is a new Incorporated Societies Act 2022 which will need to be discussed and new document discussed. Document available here

After the AGM, please update the Clubs Portal (as informed below) along with other documentation.  Then you can and start the Re-affiliation form via the Clubs Portal under OUSA forms. 


  • Need a refresher on meeting slang and information?  Click here 

What is quorum? Quorum is the minimum number of members who must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business in the name of the group.

Information regarding starting a clubs bank account can be found here.



  • If you make changes to your constitution please make sure you minute these changes in your AGM minutes. Some constitutional changes will need ratification from the OUSA Executive. To help simplify this process please track or highlight the changes you'd like to make with supporting commentary as a comment.
  • The updated document is uploaded into the Clubs Portal, and on hand to include in the re-affiliation form. Along with the AGM minutes and asset register.
  • If your club does not need to make any changes to its constitution – don’t stress, you don’t need to do anything other than re-affiliate.
  • This year all clubs will have an updated constitution AVAILABLE HERE

What is a constitution? A Constitution is a legally-binding document of fundamental principles to which an organisation is governed. It covers membership, officers, rules, responsibilities, meetings and the clubs purpose. It is important your constitution is kept updated and relevant.


Clubs Portal - What needs updated! 

  • All clubs require a club email address - not a personal or student email address
  • Make sure the incoming President and/or Secretary have access to the club email account, social media accounts and clubs portal
  • Upload the:
    • AGM Minutes
    • Annual Financial Report
    • Asset Register 
    • Constitution (if updated at AGM) 
    • Current bank statement
    • any other relating documents 
  • Check the:
    • Club Details – update any details regarding membership fees, website content, email, facebook etc (in the OUSA website section)
    • Current Officers details (ensure the new committee register again to capture any updated details, then change officer status in membership page)
    • Locker Access List – only those on the list will gain access to the clubs locker, if you have one, at Clubs & Socs
    • Members List - this is to be archived (with exception to the above officers) prior to the start of semester 2 to capture all members at the start of the tertiary year
  • Read the OUSA Affiliation Policy an any other Club Related Policys https://www.ousa.org.nz/clubsandsocs/clubs/club-related-policy 
  • Click ‘request re-affiliation’ in the clubs portal once complete.
  • Email the Clubs Development Officer cdo@ousa.org.nz if you are having any problems or need assistance


  • Minimum of 10 members with 90% of your total membership being University of Otago or Polytechnic students. All members are required to register via the clubs listing on the OUSA website. if members are not listed here no room bookings or grants applications will be processed. 
  • Names and ID numbers are required, and to be archived at the end of each year after re-affiliation ready for the following year of Membership Registration
  • Current/active members ONLY – please make sure this is up to date… you can now ask your 2022 members to complete the Membership Registration of your clubs page of the OUSA website

For a how-to guide about re-affiliation click here