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To ensure a successful transition of club leadership and to have accurate contact information, all clubs are required to hold their Annual General Meeting (AGM) before mid-November. Re-affiliation is necessary every year, and it allows for a smooth handover to the incoming executive team, enabling them to focus on planning and events rather than paperwork. Remember that affiliation with OUSA gets access to benefits such as regular room bookings, clubs day participation, equipment hire, and grant funding.

Here are the things you need:

1. AGM Minutes

Provide sufficient notice to all members in accordance with your constitution. The agenda should be accessible to everyone. If an in-person AGM is challenging, it can be held digitally, as long as constitutional requirements are observed. Quorum, as outlined in your constitution, must be met to hold the AGM. Document all attendees, ensuring the list corresponds to the members' list in the clubs portal.


The following items should be on the agenda:

  • The President's Report should be read and included in the minutes, highlighting both the successes and areas for improvement throughout the year.
  • The Treasurer should present the Annual Financial Report, including event budgets and additional account information.
  • Elect the new committee according to the procedures outlined in the AGM Minutes Template. Voting can be conducted through a ballot or a show of hands, unless specified in your constitution.
  • Present and document an updated Asset Register, listing all club assets and their depreciated value.
  • Note the new signatories on the club bank account and document it in the minutes.
  • Discuss, approve, and document any changes made to the constitution. All clubs will have an updated constitution this year.
  • Discuss membership fees and potential costs for the following year.
  • Brainstorm and plan events for the upcoming year. Consider contingency plans in case of low ticket sales for large events and aim to deliver on promises.
  • Advise the incoming committee on their to-do list, including checking the club email account daily, familiarizing themselves with the Clubs Portal, attending the Clubs Welcome session, joining the Affiliated Clubs Facebook Page, watching training videos, learning how to submit a grant application, and understanding event planning and management.
  • Address any general business items.
  • If your club is an Incorporated Society, discuss the new Incorporated Societies Act 2022 and review the necessary documents.


2. Constitution

A constitution is the document that governs the fundamental principles of your club. It cover membership, officers, rules, responsibilities, meetings, and the club's purpose - that's why it's important to keep your constitution updated and relevant! Find out more here or use our handy template here

If you make changes to your constitution, ensure these changes are documented in the AGM minutes. Some constitutional changes may require ratification from the OUSA Executive. To simplify the process, track or highlight the changes you wish to make, providing supporting commentary as a comment.

If your club does not need to make any changes to its constitution – don’t stress, just provide the most up to date version that's been ratified.


3. Membership details

  • Your club must have a minimum of 10 members, with 90% of the total membership being University of Otago or Polytechnic students.
  • Make sure the Current/Active Members list is up to date. You can ask your current year's members (including committee members) to complete the Membership Registration on your club's page of the OUSA website.
  • Collect names and ID numbers of members and archive this information at the end of each year after re-affiliation, in preparation for the following year's Membership Registration.


4. Clubs Portal - What needs to be updated and sent through! 

Give the incoming President and/or Secretary access to the club email account, social media accounts, and the Clubs Portal.

  • Check and update the following:
    • Club details, including membership fees, website content, email, and Facebook information (in the OUSA website section)
    • Current officers' details (ensure the new committee registers to capture any updated information, then update officer status in the membership page)
    • Locker Access List (only those on the list will have access to the club's locker, if applicable, at Clubs & Socs)
    • Archive the Members List (except for officers) at the end of the year after re-affiliation, in preparation for the following year's Membership Registration.
  • Upload the following documents:
    • AGM Minutes
    • Annual Financial Report
    • Asset Register
    • Constitution (if updated at AGM)
    • Current bank statement
    • Any other relevant documents
  • Under the AFFILIATION tab, click 'request re-affiliation' in the Clubs Portal once all updates are complete.

Email the Clubs Development Officer at cdo@ousa.org.nz if you encounter any problems or need assistance!


For a how-to guide about re-affiliation click here