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Anime Club

Hello and welcome to the Anime Club!!

Anime Club aims to bring together fans of the Japanese animation subculture — including but not limited to anime, manga, visual novels, cosplay, and doujinshi. We intend to facilitate a like-minded community involving online discussion, frequent anime viewings, movie nights, art, and whatever other awesome social events we can come up with.

During the semester, we meet up weekly on Fridays at 7:00pm on the second floor of the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre in Room 1 to watch anime and have fun!!

We recommend joining our socials to find out what we are watching each week and to keep up-to-date with events and news. Our number one rule for the Anime Club is that it is important to ALWAYS be supportive of other members, and not be rude, mean, or condescending towards any other member of the club. We are a club that prides itself in being open to anyone and we will not tolerate judgement or bullying in any way. 

Please feel free to message or email us if there are any club related questions!

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CONTACT ANIME CLUB Chris Groenewegen
Email: otagosanimeclub@gmail.com