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Yoga (Evening & Lunchtime sessions)

Yoga (Evening & Lunchtime sessions)

These very popular, mixed level classes offer classical hatha-yoga in the tradition of the internationally renowned Iyengar school. These yoga classes are suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to intermediate and more advanced participants. Yoga taught in these classes includes physical postures (asana), breathing exercises and relaxation which promotes vitality, stress relief, flexibility, increased strength and stamina, mental clarity and focus. The course tutor is trained in the Iyengar school of classical hatha-yoga and has a wealth of experience and knowledge concerning yogic practice, anatomy, Sanskrit and beyond.

Put heaps into these classes and you will get heaps out of them!

Choose from 1 to 4 sessions a week - come as and when you can.

Please note no need to sign up for this course. It's a casual programme. Come when you can, and simply pay for each session at reception. 


July 8th - October 14th, 2019 (maybe longer)


Evening sessions: 6.00-8.00pm Mondays & Thursdays

Lunchtime sessions: 12.00-1.00pm Wednesday & Friday


Activities Hall  ~ Maximum participation is 80 after which entry is restricted.


$5.00 per session Otago University, Otago Polytech, and Otago Language Student or Staff or Alumni

$7.50 Others


Buy a 10 session prepaid yoga card! $40 for students $60 for non-students

All paid for at Reception, Clubs & Socs Building, 84 Albany Street

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