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In this course we will provide a brief introduction of the Seishinkan style of Jujutsu. The course covers basic approaches to self-defence and some of the core principles of aiki-jujustu such as wrist locks, strikes, kicks, and stance work . You will learn how to land safely if thrown, how to escape effectively from a grab, and how to use your body structure and that of your opponent to your advantage.

No previous experience is required.


 This course will provide a brief introduction to the Seishinkan style of Jujutsu for self- defence. Basic approaches to self-defence will be covered, as well as an introduction to the style of jujutsu we do.

STREAM 2: JUJUTSU Wednesday's 5:30pm - 6:30pm 5 sessions starting 21st April 2021
Ending 19th May 2021
Fee: $35.00 Bring You don’t need to bring anything except yourself and a good attitude. Wear comfortable exercise clothing, remove all watches, jewellery, etc (unless worn for cultural reasons), and come ready to have fun.
Exercise Studio, OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre
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