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Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

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Managing Your Money


Managing your money workshops are run by volunteer Westpac staff to help educate young New Zealanders on being better with their money. In this workshop we will discuss what your money personality is and how it affects the way you spend or save your money. We will then give you some hints and tips to help you understand and prioritise your spending so you can improve the way in which you manage your money.



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Maddie is a past student of Otago University. Maddie has worked for Westpac for 5 years and has been a volunteer Westpac MYM Facilitator for 2 years. She is passionate about giving back to her community especially in the financial education area.


Ashlee is a home lending specialist based at our Moray Place branch. Ashlee has been with Westpac for 2.5 years and has a passion for helping others to achieve their financial goals specifically buying their first homes.

MANAGING YOUR MONEY: STREAM 2 Tuesday 5:00pm - 6:30pm 1 session starting 21st May 2024
Ending 21st May 2024
Fee: $0.00
Clubs and Socs Building - 84 Albany Street - Otago Room
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