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Jonesy Dance Room

Jonesy Dance Room

Multipurpose space best suited for physical activity
Not suitable for equipment that could damage the flooring
The sprung floor is a specially engineered floor and is softer than the others at the Centre

Jonesy Dance Room




Sound system


Only 1 Booking per day
Booking is restricted to 2 hours maximum. Anything exceeding 2 hours must be requested through OUSA Clubs & Societies Reception.
Numbers must not exceed maximum capacity for the room (21)
Alcohol is not permitted on OUSA Premises without prior permission
Please note that if you turn up 15 minutes later than your booking time, your booking may be cancelled. Let reception know if you will be late.
In addition to having limited soundproofing within the building, we have residential properties nearby. As such noise should be kept to a reasonable level. Unfortunately, we can't accommodate band practice, amps or external sound systems. You'll be asked to reduce or stop any excessive noise.
OUSA reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time

Sunday 15th December, 2019

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