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Welcome to OUSA Clubs & Soc’s! We want to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience. Here are some terms and conditions we ask are followed:

• A room booking is only for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Commercial bookings are possible for a fee – please ask staff for more information.

• Your booking is for up to two hours per day, and you are not allowed to make multiple bookings for the same day (even under different names).

• Please make sure to assess the facilities' suitability in advance of your booking, including internet and AV provisions. Free wifi is available – the password can be found at reception and posted around the building.

• OUSA reserves the right to cancel or cease any booking at any time (even at short notice or while the booking is in progress). We will try our best to avoid this - however, sometimes situations are outside of our control. It’s always a good idea to have a contingency plan in place just in case.

• You must check-in at reception within 15 minutes of the arrival time; otherwise, your booking may be removed.

• Clubs & Soc’s is a space for everyone. You're expected to respect other patrons and OUSA values.

• Take care of the room - please ensure no damage occurs, rubbish is disposed of properly and leave the room in the condition you found it in so it’s tidy for the next users. If any damage occurs due to negligence, you will be responsible for covering the cost of repairs or replacement.

• We can get very busy – so please exit your booking on time.

• Please report any hazards or incidents to reception immediately.

• Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by someone 16 years or older.

• No alcohol, smoking or vaping is allowed on the premises. Anyone who is intoxicated or exhibiting threatening behavior will be asked to leave.

• Please ensure noise does not disturb other patrons or neighbouring properties, as there is limited soundproofing in the facility.

• Emergency pathways and exits must be kept clear at all times. In case of a fire or evacuation, you must follow directions from staff and exit immediately.

• On-site parking is not provided for patrons.

If any Terms and Conditions are breached, OUSA will take an educational approach in the first instance. However, if there are serious or repeated breaches, especially those related to safety, OUSA reserves the right to request that the patron(s) leave and/or restrict access to the facilities.

We hope you have a great time here at Clubs & Soc’s and we appreciate your cooperation in following these terms and conditions. Cheers!

Sunday 14th July, 2024

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