Ori'23 - Clubs Day

Ori'23 - Clubs Day

Clubs Day showcases OUSA's Affiliated Clubs and Societies*. There truly is something for everyone - sporting, cultural, political interest, religious groups and more.

You can: Meet club exec and members in person, learn more about the club, ask burning questions,
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Why join a Club? Meet new people, try new things and develop new skills, be part of a community, work with diverse groups of people, its fun! #comeplayousa

*A selection of clubs will be present, maximum numbers have been met or for unforeseen circumstances. Don't fret! The contact details for all our clubs can be found at https://www.ousa.org.nz/clubsandsocs/clubs/clubs-list

This is an inclusive event. Students from all walks of life are encouraged to attend. We'll have maps onsite to help you orientate yourself and staff located at the OUSA Clubs & Socs stall to assist. If there's anything you'd like to check on in advance please email: cdo@ousa.org.nz


Thursday 23rd February 2023 10:00am - 3:00pm