Is your club thinking of having an event?

Here are some helpful hints to help your club run a great event! PLAN > PREPARE > PRESENT > EVALUATE 


1. PLAN! Get together with your committee, have a brainstorming session!

What is the reason for having an event? team building, fundraising, social?

What sort of event do you want to host? here is a list of some of the events OUSA clubs have run in the past:

  • Balls
  • Club Trips
  • Wine and Cheese nights
  • Talent Quests
  • Food Festivals
  • Cultural Nights
  • Quiz Nights
  • Poker Competitions
  • Movie Nights
  • Sports events

When do you want to hold this event? Check to make sure it wont clash with any other events going on, or exams, or holidays!

How many people do you want to attend the event? Your executive? Your club members? wider public? 

Possible venues? On campus or off campus? visit venues take photos and measurements, how accessible is the venue? ask what the venue already has (tables, chairs, sound lighting etc.) Wjho do you need to talk to about booking a venue? get some quotes!! For on campus venues click here!

Budget - Incoming: how much will the club contribute towards the event? how much will individials be expected to pay - and how will they be paying? will you fundraise? will you be applying for sponsorship/funding? etc. Outgoing: what will you have at your event?/what costs will you incur by hosting an event? equipment hire, venue hire, catering, transport, decorations, entertainment

Will there be alcohol? You cannot sell alchohol with out a liquor license!

If you are having a one off event, check with your venue to see if they have a bar, you will also need to see if they have a full licence and if they will manage this for you! Otherwise you will need to apply for a special license and find someone with a Bar Managers Licence - enquire at DCC for more info!

If you are having an event, and alcoholic drinks are complementary (free & not included in ticket price) you do not need a liquor licence.

DELEGATE JOBS No matter how big or small the event is, make sure you share the workload... remember you are students and have study to do aswell!



This is when you need to put all your above brainstorming into action!

Make Phone calls, send emails - enquire and get your quotes!

Make Bookings!

Confirm bookings - this could be for your hire of equipment, venue or caterers, what ever it is, get them to send you an email to confirm it!

Design - need to make a cool poster, but your photo shop skills just arent quite there? jump onto www.canva.com to create something for free!

Promotion! Facebook and other social media avenues,OUSA website, posters on notice boards and bollards, fliers in mail boxes, radio 1, the critic, send out invites.... there are so many ways to promote your event..

People - who is going to be there to help out at the event? who is going to look after these people and delegate them jobs?

Contingency! Have you got a plan B? dont always assume the event is going to run smoothly... if you do assume, you have a deathwise! e.g. planning an outside event in the middle of winter, where will you go if it rains?

MONEY - do you need to apply for sponsorship or funding? tell them how they can support you and what they will get out of it!

Run Sheet - List off everything that needs to get done and when! Get your template run sheet here!

Risk Analysis - RAMS forms - think about anything that could be a risk at the event, and to the people at your event, how likely it is for this to happen and how you could avoid/eliminate or minise the risk from ruining your event! Get your sample RAMS form here! For more information on Health and Safety click here!



Arrive early - dont turn up before your guests do! make sure you venue is set up and ready to go!

Briefing - who ever is there on the day to help, have a briefing, so you know everyone is where there are meant to be, and doing what they are meant to be! Review chain of command and give out key contact details in case of an emergency! 

Contingency Plan - Lets hope you wont need to use it, but what will you do when things dont go to plan? 

Site Plans - toilets, fire exits, rubbish, first aid

Info sheets - people love to know whats going on!

Pack up - Make sure you have people helping to clean up, and take away the rubbish!



Debrief - talk to your team - what worked and didnt work, what would you do again, and what wouldnt you do again, did you achieve what you wanted to? 

Acknowledgments - thank your team, and everyone that helped the event run, send out letters of thanks to your sponsors!

Budget - Close off your budget, did you achieve what you needed to, did you make profit, or loose money? where did you loose money?